'Big Brother OTT' Premiere: 13 Houseguests Move in Live For the First Time Ever

THR recaps some of the twisted moments from the 'BBOTT' premiere.

With Big Brother's new digital edition, not only is it the ultimate experiment for the series it will also bring a slew of firsts for the show. On the premiere of Big Brother: Over The Top there was the first ever live move in, an early evictee from a previous season being voted back into the game and production secrets revealed.

"You are not allowed to talk about production," the overhead voice usually reminds Big Brother houseguests, but on the season premiere of the summer staple's fall digital edition, all was revealed. Sort of.

For the live premiere THR breaks down the most memorable moments. 

What's your name? Usually on Big Brother, super fans see an edited version of the houseguests' first move in. There's plenty of time for production to edit out any confusion the houseguests may be facing, but for the live premiere that all changed. "What's your name?" Morgan asks Neeley with Scott and Shane after they are the first few houseguests move in. And this was a recurring question throughout the premiere as the new batch of contestants will most likely be taking a while to learn each other's names. One name they're sure not to forget? Cornbread! Or Chad as he tells the houseguests, even though his name is Michael. "What's your name boo?" Neeley asks this season's oldest houseguest. "I'm Cornbread!" he replies. "Cornbread, yes!" an excited Shane responds. The southerner gives one of the first sound bites of the night too, "This is so over the top!" Corbread says. "How long have you been thinking of that?" Neeley jokes.

Monte is a wallflower. Super fans have compared Monte to Big Brither 16's Caleb Reynolds ahead of the premiere, but it seems like they are nothing alike. Monte is the most shy out of all of the houseguests and was seen standing on the outs of the social circle during the show's premiere. Even Shane tried to spark a bromance with the southern engineer, but Monte was not too open about talking about all of the single ladies in the house, or lack there of. 

Whitney, the witness to production secrets. The Kentucky native may be a fan favorite early on after revealing some secrets to super fans. "Did they convescate a lot of yours?" Shelby asks Whitney about production taking all of her clothes. "They f--- took everything," adds Kryssie. Whitney reveals that production had to go to Target to get her new clothes. "Was that you?" Shelby replies after production asked her if she needed anything on the Target run. Not only does she talk about production taking all of her clothes she also reveals some knowledge she knew about the other houseguests. She remembers Neeley's name because she say Neeley's name tag while in sequester. And she tells Shelby she won't forget her name because production slipped and referred to the southern bell as Shelby. This season the houseguests are likely to be the most uncensored yet which could be a major problem for CBS if there is in fact another season 15 racist repeat. There was even a disclaimer before the premiere that reminded fans that houseguests' prejudices do not reflect the opinions of CBS. Who may be the first to make outlandish comments? That would Cornbread. "I'm sweating like a whore in church," he says.

Jason is back. Sorry Jozea, but it looks like America voted in season 17's super fan, Jason Roy. "Show me around my old house!" says Jason. "Are you having deja vu right now?" Alex asks him. "BBOTT, this bitch is here!" he shouts out to super fans watching,. "Yes queen," Neeley responds. "We don't need a number!" Jason exclaims about the new digital season. He's right. They don't. And it's time to get ready for one long fall if the premiere was any indication of timing for the series. 

Who was your early favorite on premiere night? Will the houseguests not figure out that Alex and Morgan are sisters? Banter back and forth about BBOTT in the comments section below and check out THR's Facebook tomorrow at 12p.m. PT where season 18 runner-up Paul Abrahamian will be answering your questions live.