'Big Brother OTT': Fifth Evictee Discusses His Alter Ego, "Love" For Alex and Why Kryssie "Disgusts" Him

THR caught up with the most recent BBOTT evicted houseguest.
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In the history of Big Brother, there have been quite a few instances where one player gave up their own for another. In season 17, Clay Honeycutt gave up his game for showmance Shelli Poole. They, however, are no longer together. But sometimes it's worth it. In season 13, Brendon Villegas gave up his game for his now-wife Rachel Reilly, who went on to win the $500,000 grand prize.

As for super fan Scott on Big Brother: Over the Top, he pledged to "die on the sword" for closest ally Alex. "I wish I lasted a little while longer even if it was just to push those girls another step or two forward," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. He may not have won $250,000, but he got to live out his dreams in the Big Brother house, while making a few friends along the way. Here, Scott explains his "love" for Alex and whether or not Scott or Scotty played a better game.

Kryssie has mentioned she wanted to quit a few times and even claimed you were baiting her to quit. As a super fan, when she would say she wanted to quit, what was going through your head?

I like Kryssie quite a bit as a person, but as a strategist and a game player she disgusts me. I can't believe she hasn't been America's nominee yet. There's tens of thousands of people that would do anything to get on this show, I would know. Even though it's a very stressful experience and a lot of it is a bumpy road, to hear Kryssie say all of these things about quitting is just disgusting at its core! I hope America doesn't support her too much because I don't think she deserves to make it any further. 

Neeley, Danielle and Jason called you a bully. Who in the house would you say is actually the biggest bully?

I certainly went after people, but most of the things I went after people for were gameplay-related. Honestly, when I say this, keep in mind I think he's an evolved player, an improved player, cutthroat and ruthless and I love it, but I would have to say Jason is the biggest bully. He's been dragging Shelby since the beginning. I felt really bad for Shelby at the way half the house was always dragging her. It gave me a lot of things to relate to Shelby with. I felt like he was being really hypocritical by saying I was a bully. He's been bullying Shelby since week two, making fun of her for her t-shirt dress [and] apparently he's been making fun of me for my dandruff. I would honestly have to say Jason was the biggest actual bully in the house.

Who played a better game Scott or Scotty? How did that alter ego come to be?

It's Scotty! Scotty was a much better game player because Scott was fueled by love and kindness. Scotty was fueled by anger and hate and wanting to get revenge on everyone who had done him wrong earlier in the game. Scotty was definitely the much better game player. He was fueled by dreams of revenge. He was out to get everyone whereas Scott was the guy who wanted to make sure everyone was doing alright and having a good time. 

Will Scotty be back for all stars?

I would never, ever, ever say no to Big Brother! I would come back for Over the Top 2 this January if they asked me. ... I'd do every season if they asked me to. 


You said you would die on the sword for Alex. As a super fan of this game, why were you so willing to give it up for her?

When Julie said in week four that the game was going to end in a final three instead of a final two, I truly felt like I had lost the game at that point.

But you can still turn it around. You can't just give up.

Absolutely. I felt like America didn't like me. They thought I was boring. Maybe they thought, "Why is this kid even here? He's boring." And they didn't want to see me get very far in the game. And also since day eight, half the house hasn't wanted to work with me at all. So not only did I feel like America was against me, I felt like half the house was against me and wanted nothing to do with me. I wanted to put all my eggs in Alex's basket. She's been my rock. Obviously I have mad love for all of those girls. All four of those girls -- Alex, Shelby, Morgan and Whitney -- are all strong, smart, beautiful, kind women. I have nothing, but love for all four of them. I definitely felt like if I could push Alex to final seven then even if I went home she would be able to compete her way to final three and win this thing. 

You told her you two were a power couple. Do you hope to be more than just friends with her when the game is over? 

I see what you're putting down! Well, she has had an on-and-off relationship with her boyfriend for the past five years so I doubt anything is going to come between me and Alex, but I have nothing but love for her and I absolutely hope we're lifelong friends after this. 

As a super fan, you know that all girls alliances usually don't work. Why is it working for Shelby, Whitney, Morgan and Alex?

Obviously the fact that Alex and Morgan are sisters probably helps. (Laughs.) Also at the beginning of this game, I really wanted to roll to the end of this game with Alex and Shelby. My plan was actually for me, Alex and Shelby to make it to the final three together and give Alex a shot to actually win the game because I really felt like she deserved it. However, I wouldn't have pulled a [season 18] Paul [Abrahamian] and taken a Nicole [Franzel] to the end with me. Honestly, I would have taken my chances against Shelby if it came down to it and it was a final two. But as soon as I found out the game was a final three instead of a final two, I just decided to support Alex 100 percent and make sure [she] was the one to win the game. Alex has gone to bat for me every single time. She never gave up on me. She never quit on me. 


Julie let you know that Alex and Morgan are sisters. Looking back, were there any instances where it was obvious they're related?

Yes! The more I think about it the more it makes perfect sense. Why do we have so many people from Texas this year? In the mornings when we would wake up and a lot of us would just head to the bathroom and get in some early talks, I do remember that Alex and Morgan would both have these flushed cheeks right when they woke up. That's definitely something they have in common. 

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