'Big Brother OTT': Fights, Racist Accusations and Nudity in an Uncensored Week Two

Big Brother OTT Second Eviction Split - H - 2016

There have only been 15 days on the new season of Big Brother, and things have definitely been over the top.

Fights, accusations of racism, nudity and petty behind-the-back banter made for a busy week on Big Brother: Over The Top. Such 24/7 drama and entertainment has been a gift to live-feeders and superfans of the series. It has also fueled the fire as to the reasons why Danielle, Monte and Kryssie face the chopping block ahead of this season's second live eviction. So which houseguest is sent packing, and did America's vote seal their fate? Keep reading to find out.

In case you missed a beat throughout the 24/7 series, THR breaks down the top moments shown on the show's weekly episode.

Superfan, superpower. "Was someone in the house trying to shake things up?" says Danielle finding out one person voted to evict her last week. "I came here to make this interesting! I want paranoia to run rampant in the house. Throwing this vote toward Danielle did exactly that," Alex admits in the diary room. The superfan who is playing the game with her sister is currently a fan favorite. And being a fan favorite on this season is key with America's added influence. But that's not the only power Alex has. She's this season's newest head of household. And she's not the only one with some power. "I share her genetics. I feel like I kind of won," says her sister Morgan. Although her sister knows she's safe, the showmance of Danielle and Shane know they're in danger. And they don't help their case by approaching the girl in charge together. After their conversation with constant use of the words "we" and "we're" they mistakenly remind Alex that they are a duo and she should send one of them packing. "They're gone!" Alex tells live-feeders after Shane and Danielle leave her room. So what does the superfan do? She makes the first big move of the summer by nominated the showmance.

Big Brother: Uncensored. Forget just over the top, the show's first all-online run is the most uncensored season yet. One of the biggest pros to the all-online Big Brother is that the show does not censor the new batch of houseguests' no-filter attitudes. The amount of uncensored content, especially after years of editing to get a pass from CBS S&P, is refreshing for superfans. Hence Twitter's reaction on Wednesday night, praising that they loved the uncensored week two episode. With the show not holding back on what to show there was nudity and plenty of swearing (that would normally be bleeped out on CBS). "I don't want to look at your butt. I don't want to look at the front," an uncomfortable Morgan says after Justin gets naked in front of her in the bathroom. "Scrub those nuts," Justin says while showering next to the cheerleader. "You classless piece of shit," Monte calls him. "I would have beat his ass," he adds. "Hearing about Justin pulling his manhood out in front of Morgan makes me very upset. It's disgusting. F— that," Shelby says in the diary room about the chef's behavior. And this was only the beginning of a heated feud between Monte and Justin. "He's racist!" Justin says after finding out Monte claimed Justin steals clothes. "I heard what you said about me, motherfer. Don't look at me. Look the other way! Suck a dick," an angry Justin yells at Monte. "Can we clear stuff up with you, boo boo? You not racist right?" Neeley asks Monte. "That's pretty shallow. I've been misinterpreted," Monte says in the diary room about the house stereotyping him because he's from the South and "good looking." After a house meeting, Justin and Monte hug it out, but the bad blood between them is still there.

The second eviction. The second weekly episode of the season was jam-packed and ran well over the promised hour. But after Jeff Schroeder stopped by, Shane won the veto, punishments were given out, fights between Danielle and Monte and Shelby and Jason blew up in the kitchen, and Kryssie was the third nominee after Shane used the veto, it was finally time to find out who this season's second evictee was. And the not so lucky houseguest is … Monte.

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