'Big Brother OTT': Third Evictee Explains "Emotional" Exit, House "Speculation Camera"

THR also talks to this season's third evicted houseguest about his relationship with Danielle and a potential all-showmance season.
Lisette M. Azar/CBS

Big Brother: Over the Top fans are tuning in 24/7. They have to. That's the entire premise of Big Brother's first digital edition. In fact, that's the entire point of the series, hence the name.

With that, the houseguests are very much aware that the cameras and microphones in the house are capturing their every move. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with this season's third evicted houseguest, Shane Chapman, to find out if he regrets anything captured by the (many) cameras.

What's going through your head since being evicted?

Now that I'm in a nice hotel, I'm a lot clearer. (Laughs.) It sucks not being in the house anymore, but now I'm not as stressed as I was in the house. 

When you left the house, there were a lot of tears shed by your alliance. Did you shed some tears?

Oh yeah! I have never been this emotional in my life. I saw Sean [a producer on the show] right when I walked out the door and I was crying on Sean. I was crying when I got to the hotel. The whole thing has been insane. These past two days have been really emotional. 

You started a showmance with Danielle after just a few days of being in the Big Brother house. Before you entered the game you said that you were looking for a showmance. Had Danielle not been in the house this season, would you have been in a showmance with anyone else?


When Danielle was nominated by America you said it was good for you because it took the target off of your back. Was that being disloyal to Danielle?

Going into week two, me and Danielle were a target. Week three, of course we're a target again. And then America puts Danielle up so what was going through my head was everyone in the house would want to continue wanting Danielle to leave. I don't want to sound like an asshole or anything, but I thought, "I probably have another week here. The house is going to vote out Danielle." I thought maybe America is seeing something that I'm not seeing. I was with Danielle every day, but I was always trying to figure out why America was putting her up, why are [they] putting her as a have-not. Our goal was to figure out why. 

Why do you think Danielle was made a have-not, nominated by America, and then voted to be evicted by America? 

We couldn't figure it out. When she was nominated to be voted out, I even looked at her right when it happened I said, "What the hell did you do to America to piss them off?" (Laughs.) Kryssie was like, "The only thing we can think about is she complains about food." But honestly, I do not know why America did what they did. That's the thing in that house, you don't know. All you do is speculate. 

You said Shelby was jealous of Danielle because you weren't in a showmance with her. Do you really think that's true?

Shelby reminds me of a lot of things, that's why I was never really close to Shelby. And we came up with the conclusion that Shelby probably wanted me to be with me and that's why she was jealous of Danielle and didn't like her because Shelby is that type of girl. She wants to be in a showmance. She talks dirty. In the show, Jason was calling her a prostitute and she would totally take it. At the end of the day, she was not my type. She's jealous that she didn't get me because I picked Danielle instead of Shelby.

Did you consider a showmance with Shelby?

The first day I was like, "Oh, she's cute!" But she reminds me of an ex-girlfriend of mine and that did not go really well. 

Do you think anyone will catch on to Alex and Morgan being sisters? 

Never. If they make it to the end, that's going to be amazing. If it was the final three chairs and Danielle wasn't up there, of course I would root for them. No one will ever find out they're sisters.

In the Big Brother community there is a popular fan site called Joker's Updates where fans rate each houseguest all season. And in that ranking you and Danielle are at the bottom. Why do you think that is?

I honestly don't know. I'm a very quiet person outside of the house. I'm just a very shy person and that could be the reason. I was never really a talkative person. You're in that house and there are some people that just keep having conversations, and I put on a fake smile sometimes because all they do is talk! 

Obviously you're aware that you are watched by America 24/7. Was there anything you did in the house with Danielle that you regret the public seeing?

No. (Laughs.) I'll tell you one thing: There's a speculation camera right above our bed so there's going to be so much speculation, but other than that, no. That camera can speculate on a lot of things.

Like, what?

Number one, people probably thought we had sex. Which did not happen. It did not happen, it did not happen.

If someone says to you that you gave up $250,000 for a showmance, how would you respond to them?

You can't put a price tag on love!

Do you think you'll be asked back for an all-stars season of Big Brother

Maybe. It would be cool if they did an all-showmance season. If I was to be on an all-stars season, I would like that, but if America didn't like me and Danielle, I don't know how I would be back! (Laughs.)

Now that you're out of the house, you get to vote with America. Which three houseguests this week will you vote to be have-nots?

Justin because he cooks. It'd be funny and it would break him down. And Whitney and Neeley. 

Two people from the Late-Night Jamboree?

Sure, why not?

Who has your vote for America's Nominee this week?

I would vote for Justin. Me and Danielle had a conversation with Kryssie that you want to take out two targets in the game before anything, and that's Alex because she's big in this game, and Justin because he acts like he doesn't know the game, but he does and he's playing a character. Those two need to be taken out, then have fun! Smooth sailing.

Besides Danielle who has your vote to win the game?

Kryssie. She's mentally strong, she's very strategic and she's a great person. I would love to see her win. Are the odds in her favor? Completely not. 

Who do you think will win the game?

Game-wise, Alex is amazing. That's why I called her out. I was hot-headed that night, but I had my few days of rest and she's amazing. 

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