'Big Brother OTT': A Divided Week Three Sees the Girls Rule and the Boys Drool

BBOTT Third Eviction Split - H - 2016

It's time for the third live eviction of Big Brother: Over the Top.

This week, the three houseguests facing the chopping block are Neeley, Shane and America's nominee, Danielle. And for the first time with those three nominations, there's hope for this season's underdogs otherwise known as the Ball Smashers: Alex, Morgan, Whitney and Shelby. For two weeks in a row they have not been able to get out who they wanted, thanks to America. But that's all about to change. "Thanks America!" as Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina would say because the core all-girls alliance finally has a fighting chance. But that's just for now, of course. 

In case you missed a beat throughout the 24/7 series, THR breaks down the top moments shown on the show's weekly episode. 

A house divided. "It is blatantly obvious," Jason says about the line drawn in the middle of the invisible sand in the Big Brother house. On one side there's Scott and the Ball Smashers. And on the other side of the sand it's the Late-Night Jamboree with Jason, Justin, Kryssie, Neeley, Danielle and Shane. "The Late-Night Jamboree needs to work together if one of us wants to win HoH," Danielle says about sticking together in the head of household competition in an attempt to be victorious. And on the other side, Morgan and Whitney stick together, but in round one they run out of time along with Justin. Who didn't need the help of others to pull out a win though? "Yeah, I'm the HoH baby!" Scott says of his first competition win of the summer. "Hopefully I can keep all my fellow allies safe as well" he says in the diary room after claiming his first HoH win. "We're really in trouble," Jason says about the potential for one of his allies to get the boot this week. "I'm most excited because the other side is hating their lives," Whitney tells the Ball Smashers. And then with a hair flip to the camera they make their alliance officially official. "We're going to smash some balls. Nobody's safe," Whitney adds in the diary room. 

Who's in trouble? Scott has his eyes set on one clear target this week: Shane. But there are a bunch of others who are on the verge of a breakdown. "I just can't catch a break! They don't know how it feels," Danielle says in an attempt to paint the Ball Smashers as mean girls. It's quite the opposite though: While the Late-Night Jamboree has thrown out personal insults left and right, it appears that the Ball Smashers keep any smack talking strictly game related. Case in point: Kryssie's comments about Scott, "Scott is a chump" and "If I leave at the hands of that scumbag this week I'm never going to forgive myself!" "I hope you stay a virgin forever," she says about the debt collector from Maine. And Danielle should be more worried about her showmance Shane than the Ball Smashers because it looks like he may not really have her back. "I don't want to sound like an asshole," Shane says in the diary room about Danielle being nominated by America and hoping that will take the target off of his back. But it doesn't. Scott is still gunning for you. 

Couldn't find a bush. Superfans will never forget one of the most hilarious moments in Big Brother history: in season 13 when legend Rachel Reilly cried behind a bush after fighting with Jeff Schroeder. The reason to bring up that flashback is because this season fans go treated to another post-competition meltdown courtesy of Danielle. But unfortunately for her she didn't get to hide behind a bush. "Why wouldn't he just throw it to me?" Danielle asks her boo Shane after Justin eliminates her in the veto competition. And then the tears take over as she falls to the ground in the backyard. To Justin, she's "performing" and he's happy he won the veto. As for her other allies, they start plotting the California native's demise. "Danielle is definitely a more calculated player. I think Danielle going home works a hell of a lot better [than Shane]," Jason says in the diary room. But will she be the newest evictee? Well, definitely not after Shane's speech. "Shane the snake," as Alex calls him tries to make a last-second play by calling out the other side of the house. "You guys are all fake to me and I will not hug you guys," he says in what seems to be the speech of a sore loser. And it's the same speech that seals his fate as the roofer is the newest evicted houseguest of the summer. 

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