'Big Brother OTT': Seventh Evictee Talks Dislike for Danielle and the Demise of the Ball Smashers

THR caught up with this season's seventh evicted houseguest.
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It was Big Brother, the dramatic soap opera, on Wednesday night. 

Tears flooded the house for Big Brother: Over the Top's first double eviction. With Alex being the first evicted houseguest, her sister Morgan and ally Shelby had an emotional breakdown when they had to say goodbye to the first evicted Ball Smasher. And then those cries turned to tears of joy when Morgan won the care package, which guaranteed both of their safety. But they were the only ones able to celebrate.

A tsunami of tears took over the rest of the house when Whitney, Justin, Danielle and Kryssie realized one of them would be shown the door. And a not-so-lucky Whitney ended up being the one sent packing. The Hollywood Reporter got on the phone with her to find out who caused the demise of the Balls Smashers, who is the toughest person to live with in the house and much more. 

When you got Danielle to use the veto on you I tweeted that there are three letters in Whitney that spell win

Oh my God! That is amazing. I'm sorry that I could not back that up, but that is fire!

Who was responsible for the demise of the Ball Smashers? Was it you or Alex?

It was definitely Alex! I take zero blame for that. The only reason that I was jumping ship is because I knew my name was being thrown out there, and it doesn't take a genius to realize when you're at the bottom of the totem pole. It was definitely all Alex, and I don't think I would have ever done that if I didn't think my name was being thrown out there to be sent home!

When did you start to realize that you were at the bottom of the totem pole?

I had a conversation with Justin in the have-not room when we were all have-nots that week before nominations. He let me know, "You're name is being thrown out. You have to win these competitions coming up or you're going to go home." I trusted Justin so instead of acting on anything I just put it in the back of my mind and start opening my eyes a little more in my own alliance and see if this is really true. And it ended up being true! 

Why did they want to keep Scott over you?

Alex's relationship with Scott was very, very close.

Was it a showmance?

(Laughs.) Yeah a showmance! It was a lot closer than she let on to people. Her and Scott realized that I [was] probably the biggest threat on our side of the house [and thought] it was in their best interest to throw my name out there when they were not even head of household, but so it looked like the other side of the house was coming for me when it was really Alex and Scott. I'm glad that I figured it out! If I did not make a move quick then I would have been sent home Scott's week. Her and Scott had stuff going on behind the scenes that no one knew about, and I think America highly disagreed with a lot of what they were doing. It made Alex look very fake because she was doing one thing with Scott and then would come back to us and say, "No, I'm completely loyal to you guys. He's obsessed with me." So America was like, "Bye!" I don't think they agreed with the moves that she was making. 

Looking back were there any instances where it may have been obvious that Morgan and Alex are sisters?

Yes! I feel so stupid. They're both from Texas, they're both blond, they're both gymnasts. How did I not see it? They both suck at cooking! They're horrible. Looking back, it's all I've thought about since Julie [Chen] told me that yesterday. I should have caught on. 

Who was your favorite sister?

Definitely Morgan! She reminds me so much of myself. She would say stuff and I would be like, "We're the same person!" Alex was actually my first friend in the house, but Alex was doing game the whole time. But me and Morgan connected more on a friendship level. 

When you got caught making the celebratory dinner comment what was going through your head? When you saw Morgan come down the stairs did you realize she heard you?

Oh yeah! As soon as I saw her walking I was like, "Please kill me now!" because I knew that she had heard every single word that I just said. So I started brainstorming! I'm like, "OK, what makes sense as to why I want to celebrate" and so the have-not thing just came to me, but I knew as soon as she asked me that she was not going to buy anything that I said. I felt like it was a win for me that Jason won because not only was Justin not going to be backdoored this week, but that Morgan and Alex were going to be put up with me. I knew that I had stronger relationships with the people that were going to be voting than Alex and Morgan. I felt completely safe even though I was sitting next to them so I was like, "Let's celebrate!" (Laughs.)

Which remaining houseguest will you have a celebratory dinner for once they get evicted?

I said it day one that Danielle was my target! It has lived to be true this whole entire game. And even though I had to work some magic and get Danielle to use the veto on me, it never broke my target. If anyone gets evicted that I'm going to celebrate it's going to be her!

You've mentioned in the live diary rooms that she's really difficult to live with. Why was that?

Oh my God! She was no doubt the hardest person to live with. She does nothing but tell stories about people that no one knows and no one even cares about! She does not know when to quit! These are not just stories they are very detailed novels! I'm not into people who do nothing but talk about themselves and never are open to asking other people questions [and] it's just all about them. And also she ate all of the food. So, those two together, I was like, "You got to go!" 

From Morgan's eviction speech, which dis was the most accurate? She got yours right.

(Laughs.) I'm still on Danielle. I don't think that she has realized there are other people in the house. She got that from me actually because a couple of weeks prior me and the Ball Smashers were joking about if Zingbot were to come into the house. And I said if Zingbot comes in here all he has to say to Danielle is, "Danielle, I'm glad you've finally realized that there are 10 other people in the house. Zing!" So she definitely got that from me and it was right on!

As a fan of the game how entertaining do you think your season was compared to past seasons?

There is no way that this is not the best season of Big Brother. It was the most entertaining because no one in the house knew what was going to happen from when someone got evicted and someone won head of household, from that point until Monday morning. This season out of every single season of Big Brother was the most entertaining. People in the house were crazy and not afraid to say anything! 

What was the biggest game move this season?

Honestly I want to say me getting Danielle to use the veto on me. I said day one, "Danielle is my target. I'm never working with this girl, she's so annoying!" And I made some moves and ended up getting the one person who was my worst-case scenario to use the veto on me and pull me down. So in my mind that's been it thus far.  

On the fan site Joker's Updates, fans rank all of the houseguests. In the ranking you and the Ball Smashers were in the top four for a while, but when you flipped your ranking went way down. 

Maybe because even when I watch Big Brother at home when people flip on an alliance that I'm really into that person in my mind goes down in ranking. Maybe America didn't agree with my decision, but I tried to explain that it's an individual game. I would [have] loved to stay loyal to the Ball Smashers! But when your name is being thrown out, the first in your group, you have to make moves! If that means turning on them to keep your game alive then that's what you have to do. 

All-girl alliances usually don't work. Why did the Ball Smashers alliance work for as long as it did?

Most girls go in there and they're like, "Yeah, we're going to do an all-girls alliance!" But with us every single one of us were like, "All-girls alliances never work! It is stupid when girls get in here and think they're going to make it all the way to the end." But when you're put in there and there is such a house divide, those girls, I could relate to them, and I honestly trusted them with my Big Brother life for a long, long time. It was never a plan to work together, we had to work together in order to survive! 

Which Ball Smasher were you the least close with?'

Definitely Shelby. Me and Shelby are just very different. She's party and she's L.A. and goes on dates with five different people in one week. I'm like, "Wife me up, please! Let's have a kid!" to my boyfriend. And socially people get rubbed by Shelby the wrong way because she doesn't come off as wanting to get to know you. It's about herself a lot of the times. 

What if I told you Shelby had a secret?

Does she?

She does. You think she's a waitress right?

Oh my gosh! What is her job?

She just graduated from law school and is about to be a lawyer. 

You're kidding me! Oh my God! Did everyone have a secret in the house besides me? I'm completely blown away once again. It doesn't surprise me too much though [because] Shelby is very, very smart. People do not give her credit a lot of the times. I would have guessed that before guessing that Alex and Morgan are sisters. 

Which former houseguest that visited the house was your favorite to see?

Definitely Paul [Abrahamian]. To see him come in and completely lighten the mood in the house was amazing. I got to watch the season finale last night. I was rooting for him to win season 18. Unfortunately he did not, which I do not agree with at all! 


Why was it so quiet and awkward when former houseguests like Rachel Reilly came in?

It was awkward! They always come in when someone had just been evicted and we're always a hot mess. We're not in the mood to be happy. We got our game faces on! It's a weird atmosphere. 

Beside Justin, who has your vote to win the game?

It's a tough one between Jason and Kryssie. 


Who did you want me to say?

Jason is good, but I do not want Kryssie to win.

Jason is playing the best game in this house so far. So if it came down to Jason and Kryssie my vote would go to Jason. I respect his game. He puts it all out there and he is not afraid to tell anyone how it is!

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