'Big Brother OTT': Who Should Win? (Poll)

BIG BROTHER: OVER THE TOP -Justin Duncan, Alex Willett, Danielle Lickey, Whitney Hogg-H 2016
Lisette M. Azar/CBS

Big Brother: Over the Top has proven to be one of the most entertaining seasons in years.

Why's that? The first ever BBOTT cast is equipped with game players fighting to, well, win the game. After all, that's what Big Brother is all about.

But in order to claim that winning title they're up against a completely different challenge than most past seasons of the show. Instead of being crowned the winner by a jury made up of evicted houseguests the BBOTT batch will face an entire different judge. And that judge goes by the name of, America. 

So who is winning over America? THR ranks the remaining eight houseguests to find out who may have the best shot at taking it all.

8. Kryssie 

"This is all about a game to them," the Chicago native said in Wednesday night's weekly episode. Red flag? Yes, because Big Brother is a game. This isn't band camp. Not only does she not realize where she really is, but she's also a quitter, and quitter and winner should never be in the same sentence. She may make it to the final three by default because the other players realize they can beat her in the end, but the way she is currently playing the game or not playing will not help her win America's votes.

7. Justin

If he steps up his strategic game and proves to be a player who makes big moves instead of just pizza, then the chef deserves to win the game. But in the current state of BBOTT and according to his live diary room session from Tuesday, his game plan is, "everything's gravy." The live diary room sessions this season are made so the houseguests can tell America their plans to make it to finale night. His answers were short and he didn't take the opportunity to explain what game he's actually playing. If this was solely a personality contest then sign him the check, but unfortunately for him it's not. And after he didn't pay attention to the rules in the HoH competition on Wednesday, it's clear that he's not taking this game seriously. He'll need to seriously step it up before anyone considers crowning him the winner. 

6. Alex

Now here's someone who is playing the game hard, but it wouldn't hurt for her to take a lesson from Justin's personality playbook. The winner this season will be the person who was able to both play the game and win over America. Her "awkward" personality has rubbed her houseguests the wrong way and if they get booted out of the house, likely by her, they'll utilize social media to campaign against her. And now that she's a huge target for the Late Night Jamboree and Whitney, her days may be numbered. She'll have to flip the house in her favor to make it to the end and be Big Brother: Over the Top's first winner. 

5. Morgan

Even though Alex is a super fan of Big Brother, her little sister has a better shot at winning the game. Morgan has been able to maintain likability with both America and the house. Her Ball Smashers allies aren't turning on her and neither will the other side since her super fan sister is currently the biggest target. Morgan will likely get one of the next two care packages so she should be safe for awhile. Will she make it to the end and win the game? Well, if she's there she better sell the sister twist argument that they were able to stay in the house without getting discovered.  

4. Jason

If the season 17 player makes it to the final three, then he'll likely have his Big Brother alumni family campaigning for him to win. But will he really make it there? Like Alex, he's a clear target in this game. There's also no way around the argument that while he had two chances to win Big Brother, the rest of the house had only one go at playing the game. But wait a minute, season 18's jury (made up of mostly newbies) gave $500,000 to veteran Nicole Franzel. So he actually may be in the clear and out of his mom's basement forever even though right now the odds aren't in his favor. 

3. Danielle

Who doesn't love a Cinderella story? She was the underdog in the beginning of the game after getting nominated week after week including a nom by America. But this week she was able to turn that around. If the single mom makes it to the final three she very well could win over America. Her showmance with Shane wasn't favored by most super fans, but since his eviction she's been able to show that she's not just here to play the game, she's here to win. If she's able to keep the target off of her and keep her competition win streak than it won't be a glass slipper she gets, but something even better, $250,000. 

2. Whitney

After last week, she proved herself to be more than just a southern belle. The Big Brother fan from Kentucky is here to win the game and if that means jumping ship away from your alliance then so be it. She was clearly Alex's target week and she wasn't dumb to the computer programmer's plans. So what did she do? She used her social game to get the other side of the house to have some faith in her and keep her in the game.If she wins a care package this week though and shares HoH responsibilities with Shelby, than she'll have to ultimately pick a side and that prevent her from making it to finale night. 

1. Shelby

The winner of last week's care package is definitely charming over America. The fact that she was able to win a care package over frenemy Jason (who already has a fan base) says a lot. If the recent law school graduate is able to make big moves with her much deserved HoH win this week then America will be in for a laugh out loud finale speech before voting for her to win the game.  

So who do you think has the best shot at winning the game? Who will for sure have your vote if they make it to finale night? Cast your vote in THR's poll and chat about your pick in the comments section below. And make sure to stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother