'Big Brother: OTT' Runner-Up Jason Talks Losing the Game, Rivalry With Shelby and Alumni Support

BBOTT Finale 1 - Still - H - 2016

All season long on Big Brother: Over the Top, it was a back and forth battle between the Ball Smashers and the Late Night Jamboree.

With that, the final two houseguests Jason and Morgan were representing both of their alliances. It was a close vote, but ultimately Morgan became victorious. 

"I am devastated that Jason lost. I don't think that Morgan deserved to win. Jason played a better game," Jason's closest ally Danielle told The Hollywood Reporter minutes after the finale. 

"He definitely should have won baby," said Neeley. But one of his former alliance members had a different idea of who deserved to win.

"I'm actually not surprised at all! My alliance double-crossed me and the world is not rocking with that! To be honest with you man, getting me out extremely backfired on Jason and Kryssie," Justin told THR. "The world don't like ugly, baby! I'm very happy and proud of Morgan. I know everyone in New Orleans was rooting for her because of what Jason and Kryssie did to me. I know that for a fact. My friends and family all voted for Morgan." 

Was Justin really the reason for Jason's downfall? Doubtful. So, THR sat down with Jason in the BBOTT backyard to find out what really went wrong, talk about his reunion with Da'Vonne and see if he will ever return to the game again. 

Do you remember when you asked me why I interviewed you with Danielle Reyes, Rachel Reilly and Derrick Levasseur?


I said because I knew they'd bring you back.

Right! I guess you were right! 

You got to reunite with Da'Vonne. What was that like?

Good to see her! I haven't seen her since the finale of BB17. I was excited to see her, plus she's always quick with that hot tea! She pulled me aside right away and said, "This is why you didn't win..."

What did she say was the reason?

My mouth! She said, "You didn't win because your mouth." And I said, "Oh, I'm not really surprised." 

Da'Vonne is obviously your best friend. You're friends with Meg and Jackie as well. Does the BBOTT cast even compare to them?

No! I love Danielle and I love Shane and I love Neeley and Kryssie and Justin is this enigma of a creature, but we did not have the same amount of fun in here. Maybe it's because I was playing more seriously. Or maybe it's because I didn't spend as much time in BB17 so I know a lot of those people post-game. Why I love them is from my relationships with them post-game. In here, all I know about these people is just in the game. I don't really know.

Justin told me that you not taking him to the end made New Orleans vote for Morgan. 

That's silly. All of Massachusetts isn't voting for me. This is not the Olympics. If you think because you're from some place that everybody in that place is going to flip the vote, that's silly. And it would've been silly for me to take Justin to the end. I would've beaten him, but then Kryssie would have had to compete against Morgan and Morgan would have beaten Kryssie and it would have been the same thing! Morgan still would have gathered all of the votes. 

Going into the finale, a lot of people pegged you as the winner. 

Well, I was hoping I would win! 

A lot of the Big Brother alumni supported you. 

I love them! They know me. People can think whatever they want about me on the outside, but the people that know me in real life are these alumni that I've hung out with. They know I'm a great person and that I'm a great time. They love me and I love them. They better support me because I could have came in here spilling all their tea! I have plenty of tea on the alumni! They better have been supporting me. (Laughs.)

What are you going to do with $25,000?

I don't know what I'm going to do with it. If it was a quarter of a million [dollars], I would probably be uprooting my life across the country.

$25,000 is still good.

It's still a lot of money! I don't know necessarily what I'm going to do with it, but it's probably better that it's not a substantial amount of money so I'm not running out and thinking, "I'm going to do all these things!" Where instead now I'm going to save it and see what it turns into.

Do you think Nicole winning last season hurt your chances this year? Maybe superfans didn't want a returner to win again.

I don't know because I didn't know Nicole won! We went in not knowing. I thought it would be strange to have to returnees win back-to-back, but I knew this season was very different. Who really knows if America would have voted Nicole to win or probably not, they would have not, they would have voted for Paul to win. So I was like, "You never know! This is up to America. They could just like me more."

I rooted for you because of your game and I know you, but I didn't root for your alliance. My favorite alliance in the house was...

The Ball Smashers! 

As a fan of Big Brother, why do you think fans were rooting for them? 

I don't know! Because they're pretty girls? I don't think that they were crazy gamers. I know Shelby was very smart and I knew they were doing strategy, but everyone is a strategizer, you know what I mean?

I wasn't a huge fan of the Late Night Jamboree.

That's fair to say!

What do you have to say to your fans who may attack the Ball Smashers on Twitter and vice versa to their fans who may be attacking you? 

It sounds like those girls have done quite a bit on social media since! So go on with it! I'm not telling anyone how to behave! Because once I get on Twitter too, I'm going to snatch some wigs! I'm not really concerned about it.

Do you regret anything you said about Shelby in the house?

This is the thing: People don't have any sense of humor! Obviously I can't erase her social security number, that's silly. In this house you do say some crazy things. Am I going to look up Shelby's address and burn her house down? Obviously not. Do I not like that bitch? Yes! I regret that people took it so seriously. I think my sense of humor is not for the weak of heart and if you have a weak heart and are made of marshmallows you're going to take what I say offensively. 

Which alumni do you think were not supporting you?

I already know Evel Dick was on the huge campaign against me. He was saying I was foul-mouthed, which is like, Evel Dick, hello. That's crazy. 

Adam Poch voted for Morgan. 

Adam? Adam, bro, you know I know you! I'll drag your ass real quick! 

When all of the former houseguests revealed their votes, it was split between you and Morgan. Do you feel bad for Kryssie?

Yes, but I knew I could probably beat her. It was good to see that at least all of the members of my side of the house saw that I was playing a harder game than she was so it was good to know that I had that. But it's never good to have someone I really care about that America doesn't like or says she doesn't take showers. She was told that every time she took off her sweatshirt...

How do you have all this information already?

I'm on it! You know me, Brian! I'm in these streets! 

What made BBOTT so entertaining?

I don't know! I have to go back and watch it, but I think it's a new element to the game. I think there were a lot more clowns mixed in this year. Cornbread would not have known what the hell to do on a normal season. 

Will you come back for another Big Brother?

If they invite me back, I will always come back. I'd be very surprised if I was invited back. I think the reason I was invited here is because I am too foul-mouthed for CBS. If CBS does an all-stars, I don't think I would make the cut. I think I played my butt off, but who knows? I heard Julie Chen called me a BB legend. 

Do you know who she said that to?


She said it to me. She said win or lose, you went in there as a legend and you will leave as a legend.

Well that's very nice of her. She always says nice stuff to me. Most hosts wouldn't care, but Julie's on it!

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