'Big Brother: OTT' Winner Morgan Talks Jason's "Dirty Moves" and Her Defining Game Moment

BBOTT Finale 2 - Still - H - 2016

The first Big Brother: Over the Top winner, Morgan was in for quite a few surprises on finale night. 

Talking to THR about her immediate reaction when host Julie Chen revealed the news, "I was like, 'No! No, I'm not! I looked at Jason and I go, "No!' And he was like, 'Yes, it's you! Morgan, walk outside, you have to walk!' He grabbed my hand and was like, 'Let's go!'"

The next surprise was from her favorites, the Ball Smashers, her sister Alex and closest ally Shelby. During her live interview with THR, Shelby and Alex jumped from behind the BBOTT couches to surprise the winner. But while their reunion was pleasant, the news they told her about the other side of the house was not.

"Morgan, they were wiping their armpits on our pillows, wiping their boogers all over our stuff," said Alex. Added Shelby, "Farting on our pillows!"

How did the newly crowned winner respond? "I'm not going to talk to them," she said. Morgan sat down with THR to talk further about her dislike for the other side of the house, how she won the game and how she'll rub the win in her superfan sister's face.  

You're $250,000 richer. How do you feel?

I feel on top of the world! I'm so proud of myself because there were a lot of points in this game where I had a lot of highs and a lot of lows. Even at my lowest points I was like, "I don't know if I can do this!" You come into this house thinking it's so easy, but it is so difficult! The fact that I made it through the double eviction, to the final three and then I won, I'm just so proud of myself. I'm just so happy it's done and over with and now I have so many great memories.

Jason was obviously a veteran. He had the Big Brother community behind him. What do you say to crazed fans who might be mad that you won?

Jason played a great game! I don't blame them for wanting him to win. Shoot, up until I won I thought he was going to win! He made a lot of big game moves, he was voted in the house as America's player. It makes sense that they would vote for him to win, but I have to say I always like to root for the underdog and I feel like I made it to the end as the underdog! Yeah, Jason was a veteran and played a good game, but to me, he also made a lot of dirty moves.

Alex and Shelby told you about what the other side of the house did to your belongings, etc. How do you feel about that?

I'm not surprised by that at all! It reinforces everything I said all season. Tonight I was like, "They're not all that bad," but after hearing that I do not feel bad calling them hypcridiots! And I don't feel bad that there was a house division! And I don't feel bad that me and Alex had to work together because we couldn't stand other people and we couldn't be in that alliance. They were difficult. They were very hard to live with. 

Are you not going to talk to any of them now that the game is over?

I don't know. It's a game. 

Out of all of the Ball Smashers, you probably will be the nicest to the Late Night Jamboree.

Yeah, probably. I've had a lot of time to reflect this week and I spent the last week with Jason and Kryssie kind of alone. I was in the mindset that they were going to be these awful people and they weren't going to talk to me and I was going to have a miserable week, but they were nice! They were welcoming. They weren't the awful people I thought. I do think lines were crossed in this game, especially with their side of the house, but I'm still going to talk to everyone. Am I going to be super close with them? No. But I'll text them every once in a while. I'm not going to take myself out of the group chat!

How would you describe your relationship with Alex before entering the house? 

We came in the house very opposite. We have very different views on everything in life. We argue about everything. Coming into the house we weren't super close. We'll text every once in a while, I'll Snapchat her, but other than that, nothing. So then to be thrown into a house with each other, we got extremely close. I think that's why I had such a hard time with her leaving. When else are you going to spend 24 hours a day for 43 days with your sister? When everyone else in the house kind of sucks, you bond with that one person. 

She's a huge fan of Big Brother. When you guys fight, will you throw it in her face that you won and she didn't? 

One hundred percent! We're so competitive. Coming into this I thought, "Alex is such a fan and she's going to make it so much farther than me and never let me live it down." And now I can be like, "Hey Alex, you're making me mad! Oh my gosh, remember who won Big Brother that one time?" If she ever pushes my buttons, which she really likes to do, that's going to be very fun to throw out there like, "Don't forget who won!"

What was the one moment in the game that made you the winner?

Up until the halfway point, I played a very passive game. I saw who immediately was targeted. People who won HoH, people like Alex and Scott who were constantly scheming, even people who were scheming with Jason, they had a huge target on their backs! So I said, "I'm going to wait it out. It's a marathon, not a sprint!" And I think my defining moment was getting that care package from America that kept me and Shelby in the game. And then my other defining moment was winning my HoH that got me to the final four and then winning the head-to-head competition which carried me to the final three. 

What do you want to tell your fans?

Thank you so much for all of your support! It means the world to me to be the winner and the first female winner of BBOTT. I'm so happy! I hope I made them proud. I mean I think I made them proud! They voted for me! I won!

Did you vote for Morgan to win the game? What do you think about what the other side of the house did to the Ball Smashers belongings? Sound off in the comments section below and check out Morgan's full backyard interview with THR here