'Big Brother' Now Tracking Houseguests' Every Movement

Big Brother Photo Wall - H 2014

Big Brother Photo Wall - H 2014

Forget HD, Big Brother is taking it one step further.

On Thursday's live eviction episode, the CBS summer reality staple will introduce an interactive feature that will allow viewers to track the houseguests' every activity inside the house, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

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The houseguests will wear wireless activity trackers from Fitbit Flex that monitor each movement they make, with the information updating through CBS.com. The network also will rank the houseguests based on activity — from most to least active — that may affect future rewards or punishments during the season. (There is the 24-hour live feed that CBS has made available for an additional cost.)

Additionally, viewers can track physical data, such as weight, miles traveled, calories burned and the number of minutes the houseguests were active.

The 16th season has had a strong interactive presence, with producers introducing the Team America twist (a three-member alliance chosen by viewers) and incorporating America's Vote (where viewers choose the tasks Team America must try to complete) into the game.

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