'Big Brother' Veterans Unite at Season 17's First Live Eviction

Big Brother July 2 - H 2015

"Congratulations" were in order for former Big Brother houseguests Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones, who celebrated their second wedding anniversary in January. The couple attended season 17's first live eviction. It may have been a belated congrats, but host Julie Chen was like a proud mom to all the former houseguests who attended the season's first live eviction.

Chen shared a few laughs with other game veterans sitting in the audience, like engaged couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd and last season's Frankie Grande. With two of the show's showmances sitting in the audience, it looked like Grande was missing his, Zach Rance. "I love him, we talk all the time," Grande told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's hard to watch this because I miss Zach and there is no Zankie in that house. There'll never be another Zankie." Or could there? "If I went back I would bring Zach so that we can snuggle."

Grande might get his wish. The show, now in its 17th season, is known for its twists and turns. Although it already had a "Dynamic Duo" twist, it has never had a season dedicated to past showmances. "I would definitely not do that," said Schroeder. "It would be another twist just to get us out. Season 13 was kind of like that."

A return to the show could come sooner than they think. "There's always a crazy chance. Every time I come back I'm like, 'Are you going to lock me in the house and not let me out?' It's kind of nerve-wracking," said Lloyd. "Daniele and Dominic thought it was just them coming tonight, and we thought it was just us. Maybe they are doing something!"

Added Donato: "I would make Dominic, I would drag him in. If you bring back Eric Stein and Jessica [Hughbanks] then I'm in for sure." Her other half seemed to be on the same page. "Hell yeah. I'd do it because we're cool with all the other showmances," said Briones.

This season's showmance of Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole could make Big Brother history and go far. They both seem to be under the radar just enough and with Poole's first Head of Household win Thursday, they could be safe for another week. Schroeder is a fan of the duo. He joked that him and Clay look "pretty much identical." Joking to Lloyd he added, "Shelli is a little blondie like you. There's a parody there." 

The former houseguests shared the spotlight with comedienne Kathy Griffin, who brought the summer's second "BB Takeover." Griffin joked that she and Chen were the second set of twins involved in the "Twin Twist" and the two shared a chest bump. Chen joked back, pointing out that Griffin "changed a few jobs," a nod to the comedienne's Fashion Police exit. Speaking of exits ... the season's first evicted houseguestJace Agolli, was shocked by the season's twin twist with Liz and Julia Nolan. With the season's first player voted out of the game, former runner-up Donato shouted to the remaining 16 on how to make it to finale night. Said Donato, "Lie a lot and don't be friends with anybody."

What did you think about the first live eviction? Will Shelli remain in power? What past showmances do you want to see return to the game? Stay tuned to The Live Feed for more Big Brother coverage and check back on Monday for Agolli's exit interview.

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