'Big Brother 14' Winner Crowned

The battle comes down to Dan, Ian and Danielle for the $500,000 grand prize. Who ended up taking it all?
Danielle, Dan and Ian

[Warning: Major spoilers ahead, including who was voted America's favorite.]

It's the "controversial coach" vs. the "naughty nurse" vs. the "boy genius" for the Big Brother grand prize of $500,000. Who came out on top?

The winner of season 14 is ... Ian with six votes!
(Dan - Danielle; Ian - Shane, Jenn, Joe, Frank, Britney, Ashley)

Just as important: America's favorite houseguest is ... Frank!

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Hours after CBS officially announced it had renewed the summer reality staple for a 15th season, it was down to business at the Big Brother house. The first two parts of the final -- and most important -- HOH competition, played before finale night, aired for all to see with Dan taking Pt. 1 (after an elaborate plan by Dan for Ian/Danielle to throw it to him) and Ian winning Pt. 2 (after Dan concocts yet another plan -- to act "happy" Ian's won -- to save his butt should Danielle not come up victorious).

Dan and Ian face off in the last round to determine the final two. With Pt. 3 usually revolving around the jurors, social gamer Dan easily has the leg up -- but after five questions, Ian has won it, securing his spot in the final two. 

Ian chooses not to blindside Dan, which could have secured a win with the jury, choosing instead to evict Danielle. Her reason for not making a deal with Ian? Because she didn't want too many floating around. Danielle rounds out the jury as the seventh member.

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Jury deliberation commences and it's the first time viewers really get to see them talk things out. "It's like the worst blindside of the season!" Shane tells the rest of the jury of Dan's surprise eviction when he joins them. When it comes down to the final three, jury members Joe and Britney are siding with Ian, while Jenn calls Ian a "rat." Jurors agree that Danielle is playing Dan's game and that it warrants a $50,000 prize and not the grand prize, but Jenn brings up Danielle's impressive competition wins.

"I'm in awe of his game," Britney ultimately says of Dan's game play, with Jenn agreeing. Britney declares that Dan is "running the house," but Joe wants nothing of it, saying that it's unnecessary to be unethical to play the Big Brother game. "If Dan and Judas were in the final two, Dan might get my vote," Joe says. OK then. When it comes down to it: Jurors will vote personal for Ian and strategic for Dan.

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If there was a competition for best finale speeches, Dan has it in the bag. After the live interrogation, Ian should have known that he was ahead, especially after Danielle's question about his knowledge of Dan/Danielle's final two deal. However, Ian came off slightly cocky during his 90-second appeal to the jurors, listing off competition wins and stating that he stayed alive in the game with just one life while Dan had several. Dan, meanwhile, rehashed his speech that he rehearsed several times late last night, flattering several members of the jury including Joe, Britney, Frank and Ashley.

Pre-jury members were also featured on the episode -- and they had some pressing things to say. Janelle called out Danielle's lies and declared that if Dan did not win, "it's an absolute travesty" and that he is "one of the best players of all time." Wil was perhaps the most reasonable, saying houseguests should not lay full blame on those lying to their faces and to take responsibility for falling for them.

As the jury votes came down, it was clear they voted based on emotion versus straight game play. All's fair in love and war, right?

What are your thoughts on the winner and America's pick? Did the right person win Big Brother? Do you think Dan could have garnered more votes? Who's vote were you most surprised by?

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