'The Big C' Season 3: There's No Time Like the Present (Exclusive Video)

Laura Linney in "The Big C" (Showtime)
Ken Regan/Showtime

After Edie Falco's surprise win for the drama-heavy "Nurse Jackie" (Showtime) last year, anything can happen, including buzzy newcomer Laura Linney (Showtime's "The Big C") or fan favorite Amy Poehler (NBC's "Parks and Recreation") stealing Falco's statuette.

The Big C will explore what the gift of time means to a woman battling cancer when season three of the Showtime dramedy returns.

In a first-look teaser exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Laura Linney's Cathy learns that her clinical trial with Dr. Atticus Sherman (Alan Alda) has entered "unchartered territory," when she gets some welcome news.

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Currently in production ahead of its April 8 premiere, The Big C creator Darlene Hunt told THR earlier this month that the third season will explore bargaining and what it means for a woman battling cancer who may get the gift of more time.

"Cathy's cancer prognosis last season, she was responding well to the clinical trial and that continues to be the case," she said. "We wanted to play with that idea of bargaining and bargaining for more time."

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"How do you live knowing you're still living with cancer but I'm taking drugs that are working for the moment? How exactly do you live your life in that very precious state? How does she bargain hoping that she's going to beat the odds and get more time?" she added.

Season three picks up three weeks after the events of the cliffhanger finale with Cathy dealing with Paul's (Oliver Platt) heart attack. While it's unclear if Paul survived, Hunt confirmed that Platt will return.

The Big C's third season premieres April 8 on Showtime and features guests including Alda, Susan Sarandon and Victor Garber. Check out the clip below and see how great Adam (Gabriel Basso) responds.

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