'The Big C' First Look: Prepare for the Fourth Stage of Grief (Exclusive Video)

The cast of Showtime's The Big C is taking a look back at Cathy's progress as they prepare to say goodbye.

In a new promo set to air this weekend on Showtime for the final season, which has been dubbed Hereafter, stars Laura Linney, John Benjamin Hickey and the rest of the cast relive three of the four stages of grief Cathy has experiences since being diagnosed with cancer while looking ahead to the final four episodes of the cancer dramedy.

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Star Hickey (Sean) dubs the upcoming four hourlong episodes "beautiful, heartbreaking, hilarious and completely different from anything we've done before" that will see Sean consider the value of his own life.

Each season of the series thus far has examined a stage of grief -- season one was denial, followed by anger and bargaining -- with the upcoming final run looking at acceptance as the Jameson family faces the seriousness and reality of stage four melanoma.

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"This season is a laser-like focus on Cathy and we are the planets that orbit around this brilliant sun that is losing its light," Hickey previews, noting the family starts to finally get a clue about how precious and limited time really is.

Adds Linney of the final run: "The show will hit you one of two ways: it will be helpful or it will be too painful."

"I feel good about how we finish the story, all of us together," Linney told reporters in January of season four. "The lesson I learned over and over again is … that nothing is ever as you think it's going to be. … It unfolds in unexpected ways, always."

The Big C returns Mondays at 10 p.m. starting April 29 on Showtime. Check out the clip, exclusive to THR, above.

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