'Biggest Loser' Finale: Dolvett Quince 'Stressed Out' Over America's Vote (Exclusive Video)

Biggest Loser - Dolvett Quince Joe Ostaszewski Jackson Carter H 2013
Courtesy of NBC

Who will America pick as the third Biggest Loser: Challenge America finalist?

That question has trainer Dolvett Quince a bit nervous. After all, the pair of competitors hoping for the remaining spot alongside Danni Allen and Jeff Nichols are two of his team members: Jackson Carter and Joe Ostaszewski. (Allen is on Jillian Michaels' team, while Nichols is with Bob Harper.)

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"I'm a little stressed out, to be honest with you," Quince tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I wish everyone I worked with could go through, but that's not how the game works. It's hard for me because I'm coaching both of them not knowing what America is going to decide. I want both of them to do extremely well. I'm on pins and needles."

Does he have any guesses as to who the viewers might select?

"I want the person whose name begins with J," he quips.

Quince says he has been emailing, calling and Skyping both competitors -- along with his previously eliminated team members -- since the show ended filming and plans to continue doing so after season 14's live finale, as he has with participants from his previous two seasons on the show. (He joined the NBC weight-loss competition n season 12.)

This time around, the series included kids for the first time in an effort to tackle the childhood-obesity epidemic. The three teens (ages 13-16) worked with the trainers and contributed to their respective teams from both the ranch and their home, but they were not eligible for elimination. Quince, who worked with 13-year-old Lindsay Bravo, says he hopes that twist becomes a Biggest Loser staple.

"It had such a great impact on the audience and changed things for us trainers as well; our style and approach [had to be modified] to deal with children," he says. "It added another dimension to what we do."

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Quince also has been active with BiggestLoser.com, an online health community that promotes the "Challenge America" theme. At the website, viewers can get tips and instructions for living a healthier lifestyle and also track their individual progress.

"Don't just watch the show; be part of the show," encourages Quince, who will continue to be involved with BiggestLoser.com even after the season finale airs.

While the season finale will be a live broadcast, Quince does have some predictions for what viewers can see.

"I expect everyone to come out feeling good and looking great," he says. "Obviously, this is something we see every year. At the end of the day, it's such an amazing group, and they have a lot of energy. It's gonna be great."

The Biggest Loser finale, in which one winner will take home the $250,000 cash prize, airs at 8 p.m. Monday on NBC. (Watch a teaser, which is exclusive to THR, below.)