Bill Burr Debuts Netflix Trailer and Reveals 'Better Call Saul' Wish (Exclusive)

Attention Bill Burr fanatics — here is your first look at the comedian's next stand-up special.

The Hollywood Reporter is debuting the first trailer and key art for I'm Sorry You Feel That Way, which begins streaming Friday.

Burr is getting into the Netflix business in a big way over the next year, with F Is for Family, an animated series inspired by his stand-up, hitting the streaming service. Things are also heating up for Burr in other areas, with his FX pilot Pariah going into production next week, and Breaking Bad fans clamoring for him to reprise his role as lovable con artist Kuby in the spinoff Better Call Saul.

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"I hope I get the call. All I know about Better Call Saul is I'm watching every episode, because I was a huge fan of Breaking Bad before I even got on it," Burr tells THR. "Vince Gilligan — I owe that guy my acting career."

In a chat with THR, Burr also reveals why he switched gears for his new special ("I wasn't going to trash women") and talks his favorite Breaking Bad memory.

What was on your mind when you were writing this special? 

I always want to try to improve from my last special as far as my performance. This time, I made a note that I wasn't going to trash women, because I thought I overdid it on my last one. I looked back and watched it and thought, "Jesus! Does this guy need a hug or what?"

You also have a lot of other opportunities in the works. How does that fit in with stand-up?

I'm a stand-up for life. I'm going to keep doing specials. I'm not going to be someone who uses it to get some place and stops doing it. Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with it, but I'm loving it more and more.

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This is your first special created exclusively for Netflix. Why is it the right home for it? 

Netflix has kind of been my HBO. Back in the day, HBO was the one you wanted to get with. Netflix, their business model — they are doing what I want to do, which is try to be international. I want to tour like a band. With each special, I keep expanding how far I tour. It really helps you as a comic to travel that far and see the amount of stuff that plays and is similar to the human experience, and also to hear people's perspectives on their ways of life.

And Netflix is always expanding it seems like.

It seems like every country I go to that it's not in, the next time I go there Netflix is there.

You also have an FX pilot from the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia guys in the works. What's the latest on that?

We are shooting Pariah next week. I've gotten to get in the writers room a little bit and they know what they are doing, so it's fun for me to get in there with that level of experience and watch how they run their room. I also just wrapped on a cartoon me and Mike Price from The Simpsons created for Netflix. It's called F Is for Family. That thing is going to be crazy.

How do you balance all of these projects?

I used to unload trucks, I did roofing — that shit is work. To screw up in life and then tell people about it and they laugh with you, that's an easy job. One of my strengths in life is I knew what I sucked at. Fortunately, I sucked at just about everything except screwing around.

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Have you had any discussions about showing up on Better Call Saul?

I hope I get the call. All I know about Better Call Saul is I'm watching every episode, because I was a huge fan of Breaking Bad before I even got on it. Vince Gilligan — I owe that guy my acting career. The heat that I got being on that show led to things like The Heat and [Kevin Costner's upcoming feature] Black or White. Everything else is gravy after the stand-up. My IMDB page is a quick read, but I've been able to parachute into some pretty cool projects.

What was being on Breaking Bad like for you that first time?

I always felt like I'd won a radio contest. "Hey! Would you like to be in an episode of Breaking Bad? We'll give you some lines!" When I got to walk into Saul Goodman's office, to me that was the same thing as if back in the day you got to do a scene in the diner on Seinfeld. I remember one day I had wrapped, but they were shooting a scene in the meth lab under the laundromat. I asked if I could stop by, and they gave me a tour. I can't remember the episode, but something huge happens. Whenever I see that scene I get the chills because I know I was standing on the other side of the camera watching f—king Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

What was your favorite Kuby moment?

I always liked his scenes because he was a con man and there was something funny about the guy. My favorite scene to play was when we shook down Ted Beneke (Christopher Cousins) for money. I had Huell (Lavell Crawford) as my backup, so I felt like I didn't have to be the tough guy. It was so much fun to play a scene where we're robbing this guy, but to play it like I was coming over to have a Tupperware party.

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