Bill Clinton Gives CNN Guest Host Harvey Weinstein His Obama Reelection Prediction (Video)

The former Commander in Chief touted the democratic incumbent's work on the economy and said he ”will win by five or six points."

Former President Bill Clinton found a friendly face in the interviewer’s chair during his appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight Thursday. Producer Harvey Weinstein, a longtime Clinton supporter, took his turn as one of several guest hosts of the CNN show while Piers Morgan is away this week.

The Weinstein Company co-chairman, who supported Hillary Clinton’s 2000 senate and 2008 presidential campaigns, has become one of President Barack Obama’s top New York fundraisers this election cycle. He asked the former Commander in Chief about Obama’s reelection prospects.

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"I still think the president will win by five or six points," Clinton said. "I've always thought so. But it's closer than that today."

Clinton touted Obama’s record for job creation, and acknowledged some voters may need to be convinced the president deserves a second term.

"I think those of us who support the president have to get out there and explain what he did in rescuing the automobile industry, what he did in raising the mileage standards and the way they created 150,000 jobs,” Clinton said.

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Weinstein also asked Clinton about a city-wide ban on the sale of large sodas proposed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, which proved controversial. Clinton praised the proposal, citing the growing diabetes rates in the U.S.

"For the first time, Type II Diabetes is showing up in nine-year-olds, and among the baby boomers, who are retiring,” Clinton said. “"It's basically too much sugar going into the body, we can't process it all.

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