Stephen Colbert Forces Bill Clinton to Join Twitter (Video)

The former president took the stage with the Comedy Central host in New York over the weekend, where he used his charm and spoke of lofty, world-changing ambitions.
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President Bill Clinton has joined Twitter, but don't expect many selfies from the 42nd commander in chief.

Stephen Colbert hosted a conversation with Clinton over the weekend at his annual meeting for the Clinton Global Initiative, and the staged discussion was broadcast on Monday as a special episode of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. The pair talked about charity and fixing education and opportunities at home and abroad -- Colbert, in his trademark faux-conservative character, questioned why Clinton would bother paying attention to the rest of the world -- and how technology has changed since Man From Hope's 1993 inauguration.

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One of the major changes, of course, has been the way we communicate -- there was no live streaming on the Internet, for one -- which includes social media. Clinton is a fan of Facebook and other social channels, for the way they help activate young volunteers and do-gooders, but he doesn't use Twitter.

Until now, at least.

Thanks to the ever-resourceful Colbert, Clinton now has an account -- @PrezBillyJeff -- and dictated his first tweet on Saturday: "Just spent amazing time with Colbert! Is he sane? He is cool!

Last night, during the broadcast, a few more tweets came out, but something tells us that maybe Bill wasn't behind those, even if the first one read, "I'm Bill Clinton and I approve this tweet, because I wrote it, because, like I said, I'm Bill Clinton.

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