Bill Hader and Jimmy Fallon Try Not to Crack Up During Funny-Face Game

While visiting The Tonight Show on Thursday, Bill Hader went head-to-head against host Jimmy Fallon in a game called “Face It Challenge.”

In the game, the two contestants draw a card each round that assigns them a face they have to make. After revealing their faces to each other, the contestants must stare at each other for 10 seconds. The first person to break into a smile loses. While explaining the game, Fallon burst into laughter. Hader retorted, “Dude, this is gonna last five seconds.”

The first assigned face was “screaming on a roller coaster.” After practicing their expressions in their individual hand mirrors, Hader and Fallon revealed their faces to each other. Within a few seconds, Fallon broke into laughter and lost the round.

Hader chose the next card, which stated that they must make the face of a “sexy vampire.” Fallon counted to three with his best Dracula impression before the two competitors revealed their facial expressions. Hader and Fallon acknowledged each other by raising their eyebrows during the round. While they both clearly held back their laughter, both men managed to not break their expression during the ten-second interval and the round ended in a tie.

The next challenge was to make a facial expression that depicts the pain of stepping “on a Lego barefoot.” Hader was quick to break his painful expression and ultimately lost the round.

For the final round, Hader and Fallon had the challenge of creating a facial expression of someone “trying to deadlift 1,000 pounds.” While practicing his expression, Hader stated, “It also looks like something else.” Hader quickly broke into laughter after seeing his competitor’s expression. The guest’s loss during the final round ensured that Fallon was the winner of the "Face It Challenge.”

Watch the full game in the video above.