Bill Maher Asks Joe Biden to Make More 'Gaffes' After Gay Marriage Comments (Video)

11 BIZ Bill Maher
Sam Jones/HBO

When Vice President Joe Biden endorsed gay marriage last Sunday on Meet the Press, it put into sharper focus President Obama's until-then reluctance to fully "evolve" on the issue. Ultimately, it mayhave led the president to announce his support for marriage equality -- a result which has given Bill Maher a clever idea.

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“If we want historic change, we can either do it the president’s way, slowly, using cool, detached reason, or the vice president’s way, quickly using brainfarts," Maher suggested.

Already well-known for his free-wheeling verbal style, Biden, Maher said Friday on his HBO show Real Time, begin backing other taboo proposals.

"Oh Joe, would you please go on Meet the Press this week and say, 'Should marijuana be legalized? I'm high right now!" Maher proposed to applause. "Afghanistan? What a s--thole, let's get the f--k out now! Wall Street bankers? I can't believe we haven't hung any! Global Warming? That's a big f---king deal, my friend!"

Clip starts at 2:34