Bill Maher Mocks Mitt Romney With Hitchcock Clip on 'Real Time' (Video)

Shadow of a Doubt still H
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Bill Maher had three days to plan his TV skewering of the second presidential debate -- and his targets included Mitt Romney's viral comment about receiving "binders full of women" to fill jobs during his tenure as Massachusetts governor.

The Republican candidate's latest speed bump on women's issues drew little commentary Maher's panel, with HBO's Real Time host instead addressing it with some satirical pop culture placement.

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"We got hold of another tape of Mitt Romney talking behind closed doors," said Maher. "It's from 25 years ago, so he looks a little different."

What he showed next, naturally, had nothing to do with Romney. Maher instead cut to Alfred Hitchcock's 1943 thriller Shadow of a Doubt. The clip was of one of the film's most famous scenes, in which the worldly and mysterious Uncle Charlie (Joseph Cotten) goes on a tear about women.

Shadow of a Doubt, while one of the director's most celebrated works, also stands as one of the clearer examples of Hitchcock's notorious misogyny.

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"The cities are full of women," says Cotten's character. "You see them in the hotels, the best hotels, every day by the thousands, drinking the money, eating the money, losing the money at bridge, playing all day and all night, smelling of money, proud of their jewelry but of nothing else... horrible, faded, fat, greedy women."

At that point Maher slapped the Romney/Ryan logo beside Cotten's face, getting mixed laughs from the Real Time audience.

Watch the clip below -- or, better yet, do yourself a favor and add the movie to your Netflix queue: