Bill Maher Performs 'Unbaptism' on Mitt Romney's Dead Father-in-Law (Video)

11 BIZ Bill Maher
Sam Jones/HBO

Bill Maher is making waves (and history) after performing the very first "unbaptism" live on HBO.

The outspoken atheist took it upon himself to free the late father of Mitt Romney's wife from his posthumous baptism, in which he was named a member of the Mormon religion.

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"In case you didn't hear, it was discovered last week that Edward Davies, Ann Romney's father -- an enthusiastically anti-religious scientist who called organized faith 'hogwash,' was posthumously baptized in the Mormon tradition 14 months after he died," he said on Friday's episode of Real Time With Bill Maher. "They tried to do it sooner, but he wouldn't stop spinning in his grave."

Donning a sorcerer's hat and wielding a magic wand, Maher then produced a black and white photograph of Davies, on which he performed his mystical ritual. The brief ceremony was made complete with references to Laverne and Shirley, Harry Potter and The Blair Witch Project.

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"By the power granted in me by the Blair Witch," he declared, "I call upon the Mormon spirits to leave your body the fuck alone."

"Brother Edward, in this world you had to put up with Mitt Romney," he concluded. "You've suffered enough."

Watch the complete bit below, in which Maher also ponders what might happen if Jesus Christ rose from the grave to interrupt Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime performance.