Late Night Roundup: Bill Murray Wears a Dress and Does Shots, Ben Stiller Gets Overly Emotional (Video)

"You have great legs — I never realized it," host Jimmy Kimmel admitted to Murray.
Bill Murray on Thursday's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Bill Murray has legs for days, and he knows how to use them.

The comedic legend was a guest on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he was sporting a short red dress with cowboy boots and a matching hat.

"You have great legs — I never realized it," host Jimmy Kimmel told the actor.

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Murray then used the secret word "pinata," which meant he, Kimmel and security guard Guillermo all had to take a shot. "What do we say en mexicano — what do you say?" Murray asked Guillermo about a toast in Spanish, to which the guard replied: "Tequila!"

The full clip can be seen below.

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Ben Stiller appeared on the Tonight Show, where he and Jimmy Fallon played a game in which they had to have a conversation using the various emotions that appeared onscreen.

"So what are you weighing these days?" Stiller asked the host when the prompt "A Little Too Nosy" appeared.

The full segment can be seen below, with a definite highlight being "Extreme Sexual Tension."

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