Bill Murray Announces Hologram Plans on 'Late Show' (Video)

The "Moonrise Kingdom" actor follows in the path of Tupac, declaring: "It's a technological miracle."
Murray and Bruce Willis in Cannes for "Moonrise."

In the pantheon of celebrity holograms, there's Tupac. Elvis. Marilyn.

And Bill Murray?

During his appearance on Thursday's Late Show, the Moonrise Kingdom actor announced he's jumping on the hologram bandwagon -- one of the first "living" famous people to do so, apparently.

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"You know, I've been doing these art films and it's killing me financially. Just killing me," he explained to David Lettterman. "I tip heavy. I dress like a king, so the numbers just spiral, ya know? ... It's an economic choice. I can have this hologram everywhere, I can stay home."

Murray deadpanned that his digital representation would be a "one-man show" with music -- and big enough to pack arenas and concert festivals.

"It's a technological miracle, and all the bugs aren't out of it yet," he teased.

Watch the clip below.