'Late Show' Kidnaps, Tases Bill Murray (Video)

Before his interview with David Letterman, the actor is seen being pulled from an SUV and roughed up by a few men.
Getty Images

Remind us not to get on David Letterman’s bad side.

Bill Murray made a dramatic entrance onto CBS’ Late Show on Thursday, as he was pulled from the back of an SUV—hands bound and a bag covering his head as though he were a hostage.

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“Please don’t kill me,” he begs.

A group of men in suits undo Murray’s bonds and taser him before throwing him into the studio, where Murray trips his way to the stage.

“Bill, for God’s sakes what was that all about?” Letterman asks.

A winded Murray can only say, “It’s nice to be back.”

Murray plays President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his latest film, Hyde Park on Hudson.

Watch the video below.