Bill O'Reilly Talks Erectile Dysfunction, Mitt Romney's Hair on 'The View' (Video)

The Fox News host weighed in on Rush Limbaugh controversy, called comments about Georgetown Law student "inappropriate."
Carrie Devorah/Wenn/Newscom

Bill O'Reilly was among the pundits who questioned the need for insurance coverage for contraceptives in the days after Rush Limbaugh’s controversial comments about a Georgetown University law student. So when the women at ABC’s The View got O’Reilly on set, they took the opportunity to have him further define his positions.

O’Reilly called Limbaugh’s comments "inappropriate." He also noted that Limbaugh had attacked O’Reilly in the media in the past. He did, however agree with Limbaugh that contraception should not be an entitlement.

Turning the talk to men’s health, host Joy Behar asked O'Reilly if prescriptions for erectile dysfunction should be covered under health insurance policies. O’Reilly suggested his answer was yes, because it was defined as a medical condition by the Centers for Disease Control.

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"Viagra comes under the government’s guidelines for a medical condition. Contraception doesn't," O’Reilly said.

The O’Reilly Factor host also weighed in on the Republican Presidential field, saying Mitt Romney would be the nominee unless "there’s a scandal, or if we find out that it’s not Romney’s real hair."

O’Reilly, the author of the bestselling book Killing Lincoln showed off his history teacher past, talking about why the American people would have no problem electing someone was wealthy as Romney, whose net worth is estimated at $200 million.

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“We’ve had a lot of rich President’s," O’Reilly said. "George Washington was the richest American president ever. Ever. He owned half of Virginia."