Bill Simmons' New HBO Talk-Show Teaser Debuts

Any Given Wednesday - H 2016
Any Given Sunday / Twitter

Bill Simmons on Sunday shared a Bull Durham-esque preview for his new talk show on HBO this summer. 

"I'm Bill Simmons, and here is what I believe. I believe the defending NBA champs should wear championship belts to every game," he says in the trailer for Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons. "I believe that Kanye's a genius. It's just that he knows it, and that's the problem."

The outspoken sports analyst presented his list in much the same fashion Kevin Costner did his "I believe" speech in the classic baseball film Bull Durham.

The preview was shared by The Ringer, Simmons' new website.

Any Given Wednesday, premiering June 22, will be a 20-episode season and is part of Simmons' exclusive multiyear, multiplatform agreement with HBO.

The show starts a little more than a year after Simmons parted ways with ESPN after an almost 15-year stint with the sports network where he wrote, appeared on-air, hosted a podcast and ran the website Grantland

To close out the preview on Sunday, Simmons dropped an F-bomb, because it is HBO after all. 

"I believe that billionaires should pay for their own f—ing football stadiums," he says.