'The Blacklist' Boss on Finale's "Unexpected Direction," Liz's "Devastating" Memory

Jon Bokenkamp tells THR that Liz and Tom "find themselves emotionally in a very strange, surreal space" in the episode.
Virginia Sherwood/NBC
A scene from Thursday's finale of 'The Blacklist.'

Liz (Megan Boone) is about to make a shocking discovery on The Blacklist.

The NBC drama's season two finale airs Thursday, with Liz in dire straits after getting framed for murder by Tom Connolly (Reed Birney) and the Cabal in the show's previous episode.

Executive producer Jon Bokenkamp tells The Hollywood Reporter that the finale is an "emotional mess," as "Liz finds herself pitted against the very agency that she works for."

"Liz is going to make a big discovery, much to Red's [James Spader] dismay," Bokenkamp reveals. "The memory is going to be awoken within her that is quite devastating. ... She's confronted by a truth about the past, about the night of the fire — a truth about her mother and her connection to the mythology of the show."

Bokenkamp promises that the episode will not only provide "some great resolution to some big questions" but will also "pivot the series."

"We take a turn in the arc of the series as a whole that points us in a completely unexpected direction and is really going to inform everything that comes after," he says. "The season finale tells you everything you're going to need to know about season three and sets up all the questions that you might have as well."

Additionally, the finale will involve a major twist for Liz and Tom (Ryan Eggold). "[Their] relationship in this episode does come to a head, and then I think Liz and Tom find themselves emotionally in a very strange, surreal space," Bokenkamp adds.

The Blacklist's season two finale airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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