'Blindspot': Ranking the Most Likely Mole

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If the second season premiere of Blindspot taught viewers anything, it’s that showrunner Martin Gero and his team of writers really do plan about a thousand steps ahead. Not only were there massive payoffs in the first episode back (nice to meet you, Shepherd, Roman and Alice), but several more puzzles were set up to keep everyone guessing well into the new season.

Perhaps the biggest new thread of the season came in the form of the episode-ending revelation: there is a dormant mole within the FBI ranks — someone Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) can call on at a moment’s notice when she needs information. Who is this mole and does the person know that he or she is a potential double agent? According to Gero, there have already been clues laid out for viewers who want to guess their identity, and there will be several more throughout the season as the storyline progresses.

Until then, THR has a few suggestions on who the most likely mole is and why. Below, we rank our suspects.

7. Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton)

There are too many emotional ties between Jane Alice (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller at this point for Weller to really be a knowing mole — the character was way too upset about Alice's’s betrayal to be fostering that kind of secret. And thanks to his strong moral convictions it’s doubtful he’d ever get himself into the sort of jam where Sandstorm could have one up on him, either. If anything, it would be a family member or long lost buddy that would somehow twist Weller into working for Sandstorm, but he’d never knowingly work with a terrorist group.

6. Nas Kamal (Archie Panjabi)

Audiences still don’t know this CIA newbie very well, which means she could very well be up to no good — did anyone actually ever check her credentials? When Nas gave that speech about how her friend ended up being a mole she could have very well been referring to herself. The sticking point is that this show likes to pack an emotional punch, and having a new character serve as the mole seems highly unlikely. That’s why her ranking has to go just below Kurt.

5. Patterson (Ashley Johnson)

The smarty pants of the bunch definitely doesn’t get her fair share of action within the team since she often stays back to solve puzzles and do high-tech things with those crazy computers of hers. But what if that fringe-involvement is actually a clue for how involved she is in other areas of the FBI? She’s already proven to be a rule breaker (she did bring home files in season one, after all), and she has more access than most. Not to mention she hasn’t been the same ever since David’s (Joe Dinicol) untimely death.

4. Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza)

If the past is any indication, Zapata knows how to get herself into some pretty shady situations. Thanks to her massive gambling problem she hasn’t exactly set herself up as the most moral of characters; she’s been (reluctantly) willing to spy on Alice before when it suited her purposes. So why was she so upset at Alice in the premiere? Shouldn’t someone like that be more forgiving given her own past indiscretions? Or was it all an act? Maybe Zapata doesn’t even know she’s a mole yet, and that truth will come crashing down when a big favor is called in for her aforementioned gambling problem.   

Edgar Reade (Rob Brown)

Reade was way too calm about the whole Jane Doe situation in the premiere, even serving as Zapata’s voice of reason. Not to mention the fact that he broke up with Weller’s sister and stopped looking for Carter (Michael Gaston) pretty easily once he was threatened last season… maybe he realized exactly who he was dealing with and knew there was no way to win? Either way there’s definitely more to the character than meets the eye, which makes him a pretty likely suspect. The mostly likely of the core team, in fact.

FBI Director Pellington (Dylan Baker)

Blindspot has had its share of shady authority figures so this wouldn’t be unchartered territory. Pellington was also the one who was so intent on putting the Jane Doe investigation to rest last season; perhaps because he felt she was getting too close to the truth? Plus he’s assigned Weller to be in charge, which could be a bid to keep him—and the investigation—close. The only problem with the theory is that he’s not a beloved character, so it wouldn’t exactly pack an emotional punch if he turned out to be a bad guy.

Dr. Robert Borden (Ukweli Roach)

Think about it: this guy has access to every single one of the main characters during any given situation. Plus thanks to his formal training he can help influence thought and dig deeper than anyone else—all characteristics you want in a good mole. At this point there hasn’t been enough uncovered about Borden’s background to make an educated guess at what kind of mess he may have gotten himself into to be associated with Sandstorm, but he’s absolutely a character to watch closely in these coming weeks. Especially if the main team members begin signing up for more sessions.

Who do you think the mole is? Sound off in the comments below. Blindspot airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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