Late-Night Hosts Joke About Blizzard: "If You Are Watching … New York Is Gone"

Jon Stewart, Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel all quipped about the snowstorm hitting the northeastern U.S.
Comedy Central / Screengrab

On Monday night, late-night TV made light of the snowstorm hitting the Northeast, joking about the hyperbolic blizzard warnings issued for New York.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart dubbed the blizzard "Snowpocalypse 2015" and host Jon Stewart joked, "My guess is, if you are watching this program, New York is gone. I hope you remember us for our world-class pizza and bridges and not for our tendency to tell people who innocently have their eyes locked with our eyes to go f— themselves."

The Daily Show
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Conan O'Brien compared the white-out storm to the Oscars' all-white acting nominees: "A historic storm is hitting the U.S. The Northeast right now is being hit with a major snowstorm. Forecasters say people have not seen a white-out like this since last week’s Oscar nominations."

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ABC's Jimmy Kimmel continued the quips about the storm, which forecasters had said was expected to be the worst in decades. "The mayors and governors and police chiefs of various areas are warning residents of the Northeast about what could turn out to be — an historic Winter Storm. The Weather Channel is calling it 'Winter Storm Juno.' As in, 'Ju know this is going to be a nightmare.' "

Kimmel took his jokes a step further, referencing the Deflategate scandal plaguing the New England Patriots: "I can’t even imagine how small the footballs are going to be deflated in New England."

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On the Late Show With David Letterman, the host welcomed CBS forecaster Lonnie Quinn to announce the "Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear From Your Weatherman During a Blizzard." Quinn listed the 10 phrases, which included "The snow accumulation makes it a perfect day to hide a body" and "I'm available to share body warmth."

Letterman continued the fun by poking at New Yorkers' worries: "A big question all the New Yorkers have — and they're talking three or four feet of snow — how will the Chinese food delivery guys get through?"

Luckily for New York City residents, particularly fans of Chinese food, the city didn't get as much snow as forecasters predicted.