'Bloodline' Season 2 Trailer: Ben Mendelsohn's Danny Continues to Haunt Rayburns

'Bloodline' Season 2 Trailer - H 2016

"When's it gonna end?"

In the trailer for the second season of Netflix's Bloodline, Ben Mendelsohn's Danny is heard asking his brother John (Kyle Chandler) the same question John repeated over and over again in season one as the two brothers got into a fierce battle that ended with Danny dead.

Danny may be gone but, as the trailer indicates, he'll continue to haunt John, with the latter frequently having visions and hearing the voice of his dead brother.

Bloodline co-creator and executive producer Todd A. Kessler told The Hollywood Reporter last year that Mendelsohn was under contract for the second season and the first extended look at that series of episodes, which begin streaming on May 27, reveal how the show plans to use Mendelsohn now that his character is dead.

The trailer also offers indications of the creators' other hints about the show's second season, including that it would explore the possibility of Sissy Spacek's matriarch Sally Rayburn learning what her children are up to. She's overheard saying, "I don't think my children are giving me the whole story."

The preview, set to a haunting cover of Seal's "Crazy," suggests that Bloodline's second season also gets a little crazy, with the trailer ending with a series of fast-paced, violent scenes of John, Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz) and Meg Rayburn (Linda Cardellini) on their own and panicked.

"For the first time in their lives, [they] don't have this buffer of the black sheep. They don't have this unifying force in their lives that no matter how difficult their own relationships get, they can look outside at this fourth party and know that we all have to be bonded as we deal with him," co-creator Glenn Kessler told THR last year of how Danny's death would affect the relationships between the remaining siblings. "They now have to deal with each other in a real way for the first time in their lives, and sibling rivalry and resentments and frustrations and all sorts of historical things that have been tamped down because of Danny's presence — these things no longer can be tamped down."

"Allegiances start to shift, and all sorts of issues start to come into the relationship because they're finally starting to come into light in a way that they were never able to before or never had to before. And of course it's happening at the worst possible time, because these three siblings are shackled together in the cover-up of this murder. They're not free to have challenges and issues that might be OK for them as siblings, because they're actually supposed to be working together," Kessler continued. "There's a force that's starting to push them apart because they're actually starting to deal with each other in a full way for the first time in their lives. … Each of these characters and each of these actors have moved them to a place where you can absolutely see how the day comes, several seasons down the line, where it's every man for himself."

The preview also shows more of Danny's son, who appeared at the end of the first season, and suggests he might be in cahoots with John Leguizamo's new character, who's shown saying, "There are plenty of ways to make those people pay."