Bob Saget Talks Dirty, Again

Bob Saget - P 2012
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Bob Saget - P 2012

Danny Tanner, who?

In yet another attempt to erase his squeaky-clean image, Bob Saget is writing his first book, due to hit bookstores in early 2014.  

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The comedian -- whose claim to fame can be attributed to family-friendly programs such as Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos -- will dish on never-before-told stories from his hit TV shows and his surprisingly vulgar sense of humor, off-camera.

This goes without saying but dirty jokes should be expected.  

The rights to the untitled book were acquired by It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, and the deal was negotiated by Executive Editor Mark Chait and Paradigm Agency's Alyssa Reuben

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"I've been dying to do a book with Bob ever since he almost made me p-ss my pants with laughter in The Aristocrats," Chait said. "It is now well-known that Bob Saget is very different from the neurotically conservative Danny Tanner character he played on Full House. With this book he truly lets it all hang out -- the full monty of his crazy self, his dirty humor and unique personality." 

Saget adds: "I've always thought there was a time and a place for filth and I'm honored that It Books agrees with me. I'm very much excited about this project and look forward to giving the readers the most entertaining and thoughtful book I can write -- with no holds barred...except my own." 

If his recent comedy -- including appearances on Entourage and his HBO special That Ain't Right -- is any indication, it looks like Saget won't have very much holding him back at all.

So, let the vulgarity ensue.