Bobbi Kristina Tells Oprah She Still Talks to Whitney Houston, Wants to Follow in Her Mother's Footsteps

Oprah Bobbi Kristina

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Whitney Houston’s family aired Sunday in a special 90-minute episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter on OWN.

Winfrey spoke with Houston’s longtime manager and sister-in-law, Patricia Houston, her brother Gary, and her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

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"Since her death those closest to Whitney have remained silent," says Oprah during the opening of the show. “Until tonight.”

Oprah travels to Atlanta to visit Patricia Houston, who managed Whitney for 20 years. Patricia tells Oprah that Bobbi Kristina is taking it one day at a time. “She's grieving. She lost her mother. You have to give her some time to make adjustments,” Patricia says, adding that she and Gary are Bobbi’s main sources of support.

Bobbi Kristina, 19, enters the room, and Oprah asks how she’s doing. "I'm doing as good as I possibly can at this point,” she says. “I'm just trying to keep going.” She says her family is helping her get through it.

“I can hear her voice telling me to keep moving, baby, I gotcha. She's always with me. I can always feel her with me,” says Bobbi Kristina.

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She adds that the grief comes in waves, but that she also feels her spirit coming over her. “I wake up at night,” she says. “She would say at 5 a.m. the saints start praying. I wake up now and look at the clock and it's 5 o'clock. I start praying." She says that the lights in the house will go on and off, and she knows it’s her mother. “I'm like, 'Mom, what are you doing?' I can still laugh with her and still talk to her,” she says.

Bobbi Kristina says she’s doing the interview so everyone can know about Whitney’s spirit. "No one knows what an amazing spirit she was,” she says. “She wasn't only a mother, she was a best friend.”

Oprah asks if Bobbi Kristina and her mother were close friends. “Of course, we had our arguments, we had everything, but at the end of the day, that was still my mother, my confidante, my everything,” she says.

Oprah asks if Bobbi Kristina will follow in her mother’s footsteps and go into the entertainment business. Bobbi Kristina says she wants to “carry on the legacy.”

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"We're gonna do the singing thing,” she says. “Some acting, some dancing." As for the pressure that comes with performing as the daughter of an icon, Bobbi Kristina says her mother prepared her for that.

When asked what Bobbi Kristina would like the public to know about her mother, she says that she was “an angel.” “Everything people are saying about her - all that negativity -- it's garbage. That's not my mother,” she says.

She says that she first realized that her mother was a true icon while on tour with her, but that it also really hit her at the funeral. “She made an impact not only on a few people. She made an impact on the world,” she says.

Houston’s daughter says she was aware of her mother’s insecurities. She says that Whitney would come home and ask her if she did OK, if she looked alright. “I'd say, 'You're beautiful. You're fine. You're perfect,’” she says.

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In the next segment, Oprah speaks to Patricia Houston again. She says she was first aware that Whitney “was in trouble” in the late 90s.

Oprah asks Patricia about the public’s opinion that Houston’s former husband, Bobby Brown, was at fault for Houston’s drug problems.

"I don't think that's true," says Patricia. "There was always so much outside interference,” she says, adding that they both became famous so young.

Patricia says she tried to get Houston help for her drug problem in the early 2000s. "We were always trying, but the choice was always theirs, and hers,” she says.

Oprah asks if Patricia thought drugs could end up taking Whitney’s life. "The handwriting was kind of on the wall,” she says. “I would be kidding myself to say otherwise.”

Oprah talks to Patricia about the events that occurred two nights before Whitney Houston’s death. As The Hollywood Reporter reported, Houston got into an argument with X Factor contestant Stacy Francis at a nightclub. Patricia confirmed that there was an altercation, but it didn’t get physical.

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When asked if Whitney Houston was happy, Patricia answers: "She was happy about the fact that was getting her daughter secure. She loved Krissy with everything she had. She was happy with the decisions she was making as it relates to her."

Oprah asks about the day that Whitney died. Patricia says she had a room on the floor below Whitney’s at the Beverly Hilton. She left the hotel to pick something up for the event that night, Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy party.

She says that Whitney had called her twice that day. As she was walking towards the room, she heard screams. She saw Whitney’s assistant, Mary, screaming. "I knew something was wrong. I didn't know what. I was just numb,” she says.

When she got into the room, a bodyguard, Ray, was trying to revive Whitney. Paramedics arrived at that point. “Then I saw her,” Patricia says, crying. “She had a peaceful look on her face."

The paramedics asked her to leave, but she says she couldn’t. “I saw them cover her up and I knew that was it,” she says. “I knew that that was it. Looking at her and watching that, I still could not believe it. I could not believe it." Patricia describes the whole day as surreal.

Oprah asks Patricia what she misses about Whitney. "The laughter. The sweetness about her. How much she cared about people, and people that she loved,” she says. She adds that now Whitney is “at peace.”

In the next segment, Whitney’s older brother Gary joins the conversation. He says he was very much the older brother, looking out for his younger sister.

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But when Oprah asks if he expected to get a call like he did on Feb. 11, he says, “Not this soon. I never thought it would end up like this, really."

Gary says this has been rough on their mother, Cissy Houston. Oprah says she invited Cissy to speak on the show, but Houston’s mother said she wasn’t ready. She did tell Oprah to tell the audience that she wasn’t angry that the funeral home leaked those images of Houston in her casket.

Oprah asks about the funeral, and Gary says Bobby was invited. "He reached out to me a couple of days after the funeral," said Patricia, who added that he was checking up on Bobbi Kristina.

Gary says their mother had said of Whitney, "She's not going to be with us too long. She's an angel. She's a gift."