'Body of Proof' Introduces the New Guys in Season 3 Featurette (Exclusive Video)

When Body of Proof returns, it will have a different feel.

The ABC medical drama, toplined by Dana Delany (as medical examiner Megan Hunt), went through several changes in front of and behind the camera in between seasons two and three -- the most obvious being the departures of a few regulars and the addition of two new characters, Detective Tommy Tommy Sullivan (Mark Valley) and his young partner Detective Adam Shaffer (Elyes Gabel).

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"Megan is a force to be reckoned with, and people fall in line behind her," executive producer Matthew Gross said in January of Valley's past connection to Megan. "We wanted to create a character that would stand up to her … so that they could go head-to-head."

In a new three-minute featurette (with sneak peeks at season three) exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Delany, Valley and Gabel shed some light on the "new" Body of Proof when the series returns. Compared to previous seasons, Delany said the new episodes are "sexier" and "more dangerous," revealing that Megan's first encounter with Tommy -- someone she was romantically involved with two decades ago in New York -- is at a crime scene. Not necessarily the most romantic place to reconnect.

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Tommy's re-appearance in Megan's life comes with strings attached. For one thing, he's in Philadelphia to attempt to win Megan back, but he also wants to work alongside her. To say Megan's not OK with either fact is an understatement. "He really knows what he wants and it definitely includes Megan," Valley hints. Meanwhile, Tommy has his own problems with rookie detective Adam, with whom he's worked for just three months. 

The dynamic seen onscreen with Delany and Valley's characters is true to life. Delany revealed that she and Valley worked together 13 years ago in Pasadena.

What do you think of the new additions? 

Body of Proof returns for season three at 10 p.m. Feb. 19 on ABC.

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