'Body of Proof's' Dana Delany Says Megan Hunt Loosens Up a Bit on Season 2 (Video)


As ABC’s Body of Proof enters its sophomore season on Tuesday, star Dana Delany tells us that we’ll get to see her character loosen up a bit.

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“I think that Megan is going to get a little hipper, you know relax a little bit,” Delany tells The Hollywood Reporter. “You know she’s not going to be the uptight neurosurgeon so much.”

Fans can expect Megan to exhibit the new looser version of herself in several ways. Professionally, it means that Megan will learn what it means to be wrong some of the time.

“I said to the writers that I don’t want to be right all the time,” she says. “I want the other people to be right. I want to be wrong once in a while, because first of all that’s human. And I think it makes the character more accessible.”

“If you know somebody’s right all the time, that’s boring,” Delany continues. “You know they’re going to get it. So, I like that she makes mistakes now.”

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Personally, Delany says the show will keep delving deeper into Megan’s relationship with her daughter. But, that’s not the only relationship the show will explore. The actress says that her character will have some romantic potential next season, as well.

Cliff Curtis is going to be a love interest for me,” she tells us, though the potential romance presents challenges for Megan.

“I think Megan is torn between having a love interest and being there for her daughter,” she explains. “Because her primary focus right now is getting her relationship with her daughter to a better place.”

Besides Curtis, Season 2’s guest stars include former L.A. Laker and Single Ladies actor Rick Fox, One Tree Hill’s Gregory Harrison, American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox, The Shield’s Jay Karnes, and recurring guest star Nathalie Kelly.

The second season of Body of Proof premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Watch our full interview above.

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