'Bosch' to Tackle Police Corruption, Domestic Terrorism in Season 2

Bosch S01E01 Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Bosch S01E01 Still - H 2015

Bosch is back on the beat this March when the Amazon original series returns in March, and it sounds like the LAPD detective will have his hands full in season two.

"We expand the story and I think now the story will take us through a lot of the things that are important in what's going on in society today in terms of police corruption, in terms of domestic terrorism," author and executive producer Michael Connelly told reporters Monday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. "We have aspects of all of that in our show that really comes organically out of this seemingly basic mob hit where a guy is found in the trunk of his Bentley up on Mulholland Drive."

Based on Connelly's series of novels centered on the famed detective, the series returns after becoming one of Amazon's early hits. When the series launched last February, it had the biggest weekend yet of any of the company's original series.

The executive producers said they're excited to revisit the character now that viewers have gotten to know him. "In the books, he's a very interior guy and in the first season we were consumed with making that jump…. of how do we reveal Harry Bosch," Connelly said. "In season two, I think we get to breathe a little bit out and say, 'Let's concentrate on telling good stories and better stories and stories that integrate Harry with his family' — you're going to see a lot of that — with his partner, with the command staff."

Connelly's Trunk Music serves as the "backbone" for the second season, Connelly said, but The Drop also influenced the new episodes.

Despite the wealth of source material, Connelly said some adjustments still have to be made when adapting his books for the small screen. "Some of those books are like 20 years old so they need a lot of updating," he said.

Connelly said he's been heavily involved in the series from the beginning — something that he learned after his first TV project, Level9, which aired on UPN in 2000 and for which Connelly wrote two episodes before it was canceled due to low ratings. "I'm all in," he said. "I wasn’t all in and that’s what I learned from that."

In addition to helping showrunner Eric Overmyer write the bible for the second season even before it was formally picked up, the best-selling author also penned the season two finale. "If it’s a city, Eric is the mayor and I'm like the deputy mayor," he said. "I think my fingerprints are on just about every script."

Bosch's second season premieres Friday, March 11 on Amazon.