'Boss' First Look: Kelsey Grammer's No Joke for Starz (Video)

The 'Frasier' star is all business in his new drama series.

Kelsey Grammer returns to TV with a starring role in the Starz drama, Boss, premiering in October. The network released the first-ever preview and poster for the series at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association conference in Chicago on Tuesday.

In the series, Grammer plays Mayor Tom Kane who sits among the most powerful people in Chicago. He’s Machiavellian in his approach, but he gives the people what they need – using any tool at his disposal to make it happen. Yet, he hides a secret that can take it all away. Kane has a degenerative brain disorder that has begun affecting his memory and judgment.

Connie Nielsen plays his wife, Meredith, who has no clue about his condition in their marriage of convenience. The series also stars Kathleen Robertson and Ira Stone as political colleagues who have their suspicions about the mayor. Hannah Ware plays Kane’s estranged daughter, who may or may not become the only person he entrusts with his secret.

Watch the preview clip below.