Bravo Backs Bethenny Frankel's Lost at Sea Story

The network says its cameras were there and it's on tape.
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Bethenny Frankel’s story of her misadventure out at sea for 20 hours has come under fire after the man who rescued her group says it was staged for Bravo’s cameras. She has already referred to the claim as “idiocy,” but now the network has stepped up to support her story.

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“It is accurate that Bethenny, Jason and their therapist were stranded at sea when the navigation on their boat broke during a taping for the new season of Bethenny Ever After," a Bravo spokesperson tells The Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

“The Coast Guard referred a private tow vessel who eventually led their boat out,” it continues. “When people see the episode, they will certainly see for themselves that this was very real.”

According to a reporter for the Jewish Journal, the man who rescued Frankel’s group says they didn’t need any help at all.

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"When Tim got there, he saw the boat was fine," said writer Ilana Angel. "There were nine people on the boat. Bethenny, Jason, the therapist and a Bravo film crew of six. They did not need a tow as the boat was fine. They simply followed Tim and his wife back to the shore with no towing and a functioning GPS."

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