'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Stay in the Limo, Taylor (Video)

Russell threatens Camille with a lawsuit, which sends the whole group into a hissy right before Kyle's annual White Party on the Bravo series.

Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills contained the most awkward and tough to watch scenes set in a limo I’ve ever seen. But, it definitely brought some much-needed catfight to the series.

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It all started on the eve of Kyle Richards’ annual White Party. Russell Armstrong sends an email to Camille Grammer threatening a lawsuit for repeating the abuse stories Taylor Armstrong had told her and the other cast members. As soon as the others hear, they begin to fear they’ll be threatened next. After all, they’ve all repeated the abuse stories in some form.

So with Camille attending the party and the rest of the women afraid to subject themselves to similar threats, the women decide that Taylor and Russell can’t attend. The problem is Kyle was unable to reach them before the event.

In the limo to Kyle’s house, it’s hard to tell if Taylor and Russell are being extra lovey-dovey for the benefit of the cameras. But knowing what we know now about the abusive relationship and that they’re about to arrive to a party they’re not welcome to, we know that their mood is about to do a 180.

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Back at the party, Kyle is falling apart at the idea of uninviting Taylor. She knows turning Taylor and Russell away is the right decision, but it’s tearing her up. While Kyle’s mascara decides to throw a “Black Party,” the other women wrap their heads around how much Taylor really knows about Russell’s email. Surprisingly, Lisa Vanderpump (who just recently made good with Taylor at her daughter’s Vegas Bachelorette) believes she knows nothing while Adrienne Maloof is sure she knows what Russell has done.

When the limo pulls up, the entire crew, including Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, and Adrienne’s husband, Paul Nassif, approach the couple. Barely keeping it together, Kyle informs them that they can’t come in. I believe Taylor is telling the truth about not knowing about the email and Russell doesn’t say otherwise as he defends its tone. I love how much Paul likes to get in the middle of things with the ladies as he tells Russell that the email was not very nice. Taylor finally decides to just turn around and leave, but Kyle runs after her.

While Kyle sits in the limo trying to explain how sorry she is, I realize the scene marks the first time this season when the women are able to confront Russell with what they know. But, both he and Taylor play down the abuse allegations. Things seriously devolve into a mess of a situation as the housewives state that they believe the abuse is as bad as Camille had expressed and the couple says the whole thing was blown out of proportion. Where I stand, it really doesn’t matter how bad the abuse was. It’s bad that it happened at all. But, that’s me.

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That was the big drama of the episode aside from another spat between Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville. That wasn’t nearly as interesting, since Brandi didn’t really put up much of a fight. During an interview, she says she just decided to let Kim go off on her – she’s on drugs anyway. Hah! She said it, I didn’t. The best part of the argument for me was when Brandi warned Kim to watch the finger waving and she responded by making circles with her finger in the former model’s face. She’s a pistol, that Kim.

What was your take on the White Party drama? Did Kyle do the right thing? Tell us in the comments section below.

Watch the hilarious Kim-Brandi showdown below.

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