Bravo on 'Real Housewives of New Jersey': We're Not Firing Anyone

The network released a statement in response to reports circulating the internet.

Now, this is interesting. All the chatter from the discord and rumors circulating The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast members has prompted Bravo to stray from its usual “no comment” comments. It issued a statement on all the rumors flying around the cast on Monday.

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“Bravo is not firing anyone from The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the statement reads. “This is completely inaccurate from sources who are unreliable and making up rumors. All five cast members will be featured on season four. No decisions have been made about season five at this time. We are looking forward to the season three finale this Sunday at 10pm.”

The problem is the statement doesn’t really answer much, if any of what the reports are saying. First of all, we already know all the women are back for Season 4. As THR reported previously, there’s less than a month left of shooting on the next season. So, that’s pretty much a done deal.

As for Season 5, THR’s very solid source close to the production has already confirmed Jacqueline Laurita doesn’t want to return to the series for a fifth season. In fact, she’s rebelling against the production. So if she indeed doesn’t return for Season 5, then I don’t see how Bravo really had a decision in the matter.

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The Huffington Post filed a report on Monday with very little new information other than the network has threatened to let go of Laurita and her sister-in-law Caroline Manzo for Season 5, because they’re not taking part in the drama. And since Monday's statement says no decisions have been made for Season 5, the network doesn’t really address that report either.

And as we all know, the network isn’t above firing its cast members en masse (See the recent The Real Housewives of New York City blood bath). The network, by the way, sent out statements when the rumors of the terminations first surfaced saying “no decisions had been made.” Alas, the rumors ended up being true.

You know what would be a really effective statement from the network? One that addressed the real matters at hand rather than ones that further muddle the truth or circumvent it.

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