'Married to Medicine' Star Promises 'Really Heavy' and 'Inspiring' Moments (Video)

Married to Medicine Cast - H 2013
Derek Blanks/Bravo

Married to Medicine Cast - H 2013

Just call it Doctors' Housewives of Atlanta.

Bravo takes a look inside Atlanta's medical community with its new docu-series Married to Medicine, whose cast includes four women married to doctors and two others who are doctors themselves.

One of the wives, Quad Lunceford-Webb, makes a big impression in the first episode, which includes a drama-filled birthday party thrown by (and for) her best friend, Mariah Huq. At the soiree, Quad clashes with fellow doctor's wives Kari Wells and Toya Bush-Harris, but Quad tells The Hollywood Reporter she was actually taken aback at the party.

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"I had no idea; I was taken off-guard," she says. "I just went into that party to have a good time, and I had no idea that was going to happen. I've had lunch and dinner with both Kari and Toya a number of times, and I didn't see it coming. The things they were saying, I was just baffled, and it made me a bit upset. I've only been nice and cordial to those ladies."

But, she teases, viewers will see her take a stand in later episodes.

"You will be glued to the TV and know exactly who I am and know, 'Let's not mess with her,'" says Quad, who got involved with the show after being introduced to the production by Mariah. "I have something up my sleeve, and it's going to send a crystal-clear point that I am not to be played with. It's gonna be fun -- for me at least."

As for what else viewers can expect this season, Quad promises plenty of emotional moments as well as continually shifting friendships.

"You're gonna see relationships shift, you're gonna see some alliances build, you're gonna see some people doing devious things -- some things that are 100 percent unacceptable," she says. "Some things will be inspiring, and you're gonna see us really, really trying our very best to find proper solutions to everything."

She adds that there are "really heavy" moments involving both herself and Mariah, in particular.

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So did the newcomer to reality TV find it hard to open herself up to the cameras and viewers?

"There were some times I would feel like, OK, I'm having a good time with it, and others were very heavy, but I do not regret anything," she says. "What you saw of me, I think it was a good representation of me in that moment, and I want to emphasize 'in that moment,' because we know all emotions are depending on a situation, and you never know how you're going to act or react. … I might not be for everyone, but what you can expect from me is that I'm going to be real from beginning to end."

Watch a preview of Married to Medicine, which premieres at 9 p.m. Sunday, and a video on "Quad 101," where she explains her favorite phrases, below.