Bravo's 'Start-Ups: Silicon Valley' Offers Glimpse Into 'Brogrammer' Lifestyle

Start-Ups Silicon Valley Cast - H 2012

Start-Ups Silicon Valley Cast - H 2012

Take the poolside vapidity of The Hills, the shameless hustling of Million Dollar Listing, the tequila-chugging partying of Jersey Shore -- and set it all in the insular world of Northern California's high-tech promised land. The result would probably look a lot like Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, the latest addition to Bravo's lineup of skin-deep reality shows focusing on glamorized industries. 

In a new two-minute trailer, we get our first glimpses at the telegenic crop of aspiring Mark Zuckerbergs and Marissa Meyers that make up the show's cast, all of whom have flocked to the Bay Area to seek their fortunes in the next killer iPad app or smart phone-enhancing gadget.

Among them: Dwight Crowe, 26, described on the show's website as a "programming savant" who claims to "live, breathe, eat, sh-t, daydream" his company. And Hermione Way, at 27 already something of a local party-girl legend, who pledges not to let opportunity "pass us by." (Cut to a shot of Way swinging one arm above her head at a nightclub, rodeo-style.) And her brother, Ben Way, 32, who uses his dimples and British accent to render billionaire investors weak-kneed to his dreamy-eyed sales pitches.

All-night beer-chugging and code-spouting "brogrammer" sessions, as immortalized in The Social Network? Check. Declarations that geeks are "the new rock stars?" Check. People screaming at each other over the sound of a thumping disco beat? Check. Mentions of Apple, Twitter and the coolness of "a billion dollars?" Check, check and check.

Is it any wonder this is the show that has all of Silicon Valley talking -- and cringing?

Start-Ups: Silicon Valley premieres on Bravo on Monday, Nov. 5 at 10 p.m. ET.