'Breaking Bad': 5 Best Parody Videos

Middle schoolers sing about blue rock candy, Skinny Pete sells meth to zombies, and Jesse gets his own '80s sitcom.
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"Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical"

Videos honoring Breaking Bad  have been springing up online like blue meth in the Southwest.

From middle schoolers singing about Walter White to Skinny Pete selling meth to Walking Dead zombies, The Hollywood Reporter highlights the best.

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1. Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical

Tweens with bald caps and fake paunches sing about the chemistry teacher turned "blue rock candy" cook. (Hey -- we can't have kids singing about drugs.) Our favorite number comes from the boy playing Gus Fring, who goads Walt and Jesse into joining his operation by singing, "Are you chicken like the chicken in my chicken restaurant?" The song "I Am the One Who Knocks" is pretty great too.

2. The Breaking Dead

Charles Baker (Skinny Pete) stars a meth dealer whose zombie clientele can't get enough of the blue stuff. The sketch was written by David Ury (who memorably got his head smashed with an ATM as Spooge).

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Albuquerque's favorite screw-up gets his own '80s-style sitcom in Jesse.

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4. Begging Bad

Bryan Cranston tweeted out this video Saturday, writing: "Here's a breaking bad sketch by an improv troupe. Really Funny bit. Enjoy. And see you all tomorrow, Bitches."

'Nuff said.

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5. Breaking Bad … Now on ABC

In 2010, Funny or Die imagined what'd it be like if the gritty drama were edited down to be broadcast as an ABC comedy. Here's the first of several videos in the series.

Breaking Bad is now on ABC -- watch more funny videos

Breaking Bad returns to AMC Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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