'Breaking Bad': 5 Heartbreaking Quotes From 'Granite State'

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[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sunday's episode of Breaking Bad, "Granite State."]

Breaking Bad unrolled one of its bleakest episodes yet on the same night it had plenty to celebrate. The AMC hit nabbed its first Emmy win for outstanding drama series, and Anna Gunn won her first statuette for playing Skyler.

If the previous episode was all about change, "Granite State" was about stagnation, as our characters wasted away. Walt (Bryan Cranston) is exiled to a cabin in New Hampshire, Skyler is impoverished and awaiting trial and Jesse (Aaron Paul) has it worst of all -- imprisoned in a pit and forced to cook meth for the Aryan gang.

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Below, we count down the five best (and saddest) quotes from the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad.

5. "Go ahead. Do it. Just go ahead and get it over with, because there's no way I'm doing one more cook for you psycho f--ks!" (Jesse to the Aryan gang)

When Jesse fails to escape, he believes that dying would be better than continuing to live as their slave. The Aryan gang has far worse things than death in store for him.

4. "You really don't want us coming back." (Todd to Skyler)

Todd (Jesse Plemons) continued to hit his role out of the park with this episode, and this scene in particular. He doesn't want to harm the White family and with this line makes it seem like that's up to Skyler. It's entirely possible that Walt's family could die at Todd's hands. He is pretty smitten with Lydia (Laura Fraser), who wants Skyler dead.

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3. "Stay a little longer? Two hours? I'll give you another $10,000." (Walt to Saul's guy)

We finally meet Saul's guy (Robert Forster), who becomes Walt's only source of human contact for several months. Walt is so starved for company, he pleads with the unnamed man to stay, offering cash for companionship. That brings about a conversation between the two in which Walt acknowledges that some day the man will come to bring him supplies, and Walt will have died of his cancer. Would the man give Walt's money to his family? In response, the man asks if Walt would actually believe him if he answered yes.

2. "Just leave us alone. You asshole. Why are you still alive? Why won't you just, just die already?" (Walt Jr. to Walt)

Walt started his endeavor to provide for his family, and now they are worse off than ever. After months of exile, the thought that he can give them some cash is his last line of comfort. Walt Jr. (R.J. Mitte) rejects his father and his offer, crushing Walt so much that he's willing to give himself up to the DEA (though he has a change of heart).

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"Just so you know, this isn't personal." (Todd to Andrea)

Hank's (Dean Norris) death in the previous episode was very difficult to take, but Andrea's (Emily Rios) was even harder to watch. Seeing Jesse's reaction, and thinking about poor Brock (Ian Posada) finding his mother's body is almost too much to handle.

What were your key quotes from the episode? Sound off in the comments.

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