'Breaking Bad': 5 Key Quotes From Sunday's Episode Examined

Will Walt, Skyler or Marie come out on top in THR's rankings of the most important lines from "Buried"?
Bob Odenkirk in "Breaking Bad'

[Warning: spoilers ahead for Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad, “Buried."]

Things are going pretty terribly for the White and Schrader families in the latest episode of Breaking Bad. Marie (Betsy Brandt) knows Skyler has been privy to Walt's activities since before Hank was shot and wants nothing more than Walt to go down for it. Walt (Bryan Cranston) has just months to live and might leave his family penniless if he's caught. 

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And Skyler (Anna Gunn) is stuck in the middle of it all, having a breakdown in a diner as Hank (Dean Norris) tries to get her to rat her husband out.


But on the plus side, all of this drama is bringing out some pretty profound lines from these people's mouths. Below, The Hollywood Reporter counts down the top quotes of the week.

5. Kuby to Huell:  “We’re here to do a job, not channel Scrooge McDuck.”

After Huell (Lavell Crawford) says “I’ve got to do it” and plops down onto Walt’s pile of millions, Kuby (Bill Burr) attempts to put him in his place. Breaking Bad has always been funny in spite of its darkness, and this episode is no different. If we can't have Skinny Pete and Badger for comic relief, these two do quite nicely.

4. Marie to Hank: “You have to get him.”

Marie has gone through a lot -- from Hank’s PTSD and near assassination to caring for her sister’s kids when she's unable to. She’s kept it together by focusing on fluff to distract her from the terrible situations. But no more. Marie is down to business -- and we don’t think she’ll be prattling about European vacations or promotions to D.C. any time soon.

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3. Walt to Saul: “Hank is family. Understand that?”

This answers a big question that we’d been wondering since the premiere: Will Walt kill Hank? For now, it seems Hank is safe. But we're willing to bet Walt might decide he has no choice but to go back on his "I don't kill family" rule.

2. Skyler to Walt: "Maybe your best move here is to stay quiet."

Echoing Walt’s “tread lightly” line to Hank, Skyler’s advice indicates Marie’s accusation is true: Skyler won’t give up Walt to the DEA because she thinks he can get away with it and her family can keep the money. The tender moment also showed that perhaps some of her feelings for her husband were still there.

1. Walt to Skyler: “You keep the money. Don’t ever speak of it. Never give it up, and pass it on to our children. Give them everything. Would you do that? Please? Please don’t let me have done all of this for nothing.”

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Just when Vince Gilligan and his team made us hate Walt the most, are they going to make him sympathetic again? Seeing him broken, dying, lying on the floor, and reminding us why he got in the meth trade in the first place, was a tear-jerker of a scene, even if we can't forget all of the death that Walt has left in his wake. 

What was your favorite line from the episode? Did we miss any biggies? Sound off in the comments!

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