'Breaking Bad': 5 Things You Must Watch Before the Finale (Video)

Breaking Bad's final episode is just hours away, but before you grab yourself a bucket of Los Pollos Hermanos and sit down to watch the series finale, there are few things you need to check out.

1. Five years of awesome interviews in 176 seconds.

The Hollywood Reporter has opened up its vaults and cut the best moments from five years' worth of interviews down to less than three minutes. (See it above).

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2. Breaking Bloopers

The show was bleak, but there was plenty of horseplay on set -- and the same was true during interviews and photo shoots. Below see some of the outtakes from THR's interviews with Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and more.

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3. The cast hits Conan

From Cranston's hilarious fan letter from a woman who wanted him to watch as she had sex with Paul, to Conan O'Brien admitting to being afraid of Jonathan Banks (Mike) – seeing the entire cast together for the first time on a talk show was one of the great treats this year for Bad fans.

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4. Relive Walter's Journey

This moody, fan-made video manages to capture Walt's evolution from Mr. Chips to Scarface in eight minutes. It was created before the final eight episodes were aired, but its creator has said they'll be an update a day or two after the series finale. In the meantime, it's a great refresher course to watch ahead of the end.

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5. Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical

Let's end on a happy note. This parody video features youngsters in bald caps singing about a chemistry teacher who turns to cooking "blue rock candy." The best part comes when a boy playing Gus Fring goads Walt and Jesse to join his business by singing "Are you chicken like the chicken in my chicken restaurant?" There's also an entire song called "I Am the One Who Knocks." It's brilliant.

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