'Breaking Bad': 5 Years of Emotional Emmys Speeches (Video)

Outstanding Drama Series

AMC's Breaking Bad claimed a win for Outstanding Drama Series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for previous seasons of Breaking Bad.

It's a huge week for Breaking Bad, with the show notching it's first outstanding drama series Emmy win and airing its series finale all within seven days.

Though it took five years for the show to take top honors, Bryan Cranston paved the way back in 2008 with his first outstanding drama actor win -- and was soon followed by Aaron Paul (2010 and 2012), who is known for his particularly heartfelt speeches.

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Revisit their wins below, including victories for Anna Gunn and Vince Gilligan.

Bryan Cranston (2008)

Best line: "She's bald too!" (referring to his statuette.)

Cranston won his first of three outstanding actor in a drama series awards for the show's pilot, after just seven episodes of the series had aired.

Bryan Cranston (2009)

Best line: "Breaking Bad is a story about a good man making bad decisions. I stand before you a humbled man very grateful by the decision the Academy has made to honor me."

Cranston nabbed his second statuette for the season 2 episode "Phoenix," in which Walt let Jane (Krysten Ritter) die.

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Aaron Paul (2010)

Best line: "Bryan Cranston, to work with you every single day is a dream – I love you brother."

Paul won his first Emmy for "Half Measures," which saw Jesse plot the death of two drug dealers who ordered a child to kill Combo.

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Bryan Cranston (2010)

Best line: "During my walk up here, I'd venture to guess there were 200 text messages sent to my fellow nominees saying 'You were robbed.' "

Cranston and Paul got to celebrate wins in the same year, when Cranston won his third consecutive statuette for "Full Measure." The difficult episode saw Walt order Jesse to murder Gale.

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Aaron Paul (2012)

Best line: "Vince Gilligan and the rest of the writers, thank you so much for not killing me off -- that was the plan!" 

Paul became the youngest two-time drama Emmy winner – supporting or lead -- ever, beating out Giancarlo Esposito (Gus). He won for "End Times," which saw Jesse (rightfully) think Walt had poisoned Brock -- and put a gun to his former partner's head.

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Anna Gunn (2013)

Best line: "Bryan Cranston just told me to 'breathe.' -- OK."

Gunn nabbed her first win for "Fifty-One," which memorably saw Skyler walk into a freezing pool and plot to get her children to safety – away form the White house.

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Vince Gilligan (2013)

Best line: "Holy crap! I did not see this coming."

The show's creator notched his first Emmy win when Breaking Bad took outstanding drama series.

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Breaking Bad airs its series finale Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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