'Breaking Bad' Actors Reunite for Book Trailer (Exclusive Video)

David Ury -- who got his head crushed by an ATM on the show –- welcomes Skinny Pete and one of the killer twins to promote his upcoming work, "Everybody Dies: A Children's Book for Grown-Ups!"

Breaking Bad fans don't have to wait until Better Call Saul to witness a Bad reunion.

David Ury, who owned the brief but memorable role of Spooge in Breaking Bad's second season, has assembled Charles Baker (Skinny Pete) and Luis Moncada (Marco Salamanca) to promote his upcoming illustrated book, Everybody Dies: A Children's Book for Grown-Ups! 

"I always say that it's sort of along the lines of Everyone Poops, but with 99 percent more death and lot less poop," Ury tells The Hollywood Reporter of his book. "The idea is that grownups are still afraid of death, and talking about death -- so they need it broken it down for them."

Ury, whose Bad character met an untimely death of his own when an ATM crushed his skull, says he was uniquely qualified to create this book.

"I'm an expert in dying. I've died so many ways in TV and film. So it's always something close on my mind," says Ury, whose onscreen deaths include being shot in the chest by Elizabeth Berkley in the 2008 Lifetime film Black Widow, and getting his throat cut on Fox's now-canceled Touch.

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Ury says the trailer's Bad reunion wouldn't have been possible without a moderator of Reddit's Breaking Bad subreddit -- edify AKA Jarod Coonce -- who helped bring the actors together after each had done an AMA. 

"I told them my book was coming out and asked them if they would be down to do the sketch," he recalls. The pair quickly agreed.

For Los Angeles-area Bad fans, Ury will be celebrating his book's release at two events. Book Soup is hosting a signing on May 27, and on June 8 the Pasadena Museum of California Art is presenting a book release event and art exhibition where original sketches from the Everybody Dies will be on sale.

Ury co-authored the book with Ken Tanaka (a fictional alter-ego of Ury's). It will be released by Harper Collins imprint Harper Design on May 27.

Ury is represented by Armada Partners and Daniel Hoff Agency.

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