'Breaking Bad' Auction: Walt's Tighty Whities Sell for $9,900

Breaking Bad Series Finale Aaron Paul in Lab - H 2013

Breaking Bad Series Finale Aaron Paul in Lab - H 2013

How much would you pay for a piece of Breaking Bad history?

An auction of hundreds of items from the show has ended, and fans mourning the conclusion of the AMC hit turned out in droves to snatch up some of the most memorable items at ScreenBid.

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Walt (Bryan Cranston) was seen an inordinate number of times in his underwear -- and one lucky fan was willing to pay $9,900 for the pair he wore in the pilot. The briefs are on display at the Museum of the Moving Image until Oct. 18.

The item fetching the most was Walt's infamous copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, which went for $65,000. The copy, featuring the fateful inscription from Gale (David Costabile), “To my other favorite WW,” helped bring about Heisenberg's downfall.

The item that brought down a previous meth kingpin -- Hector Salamanca's (Mark Margolis) bell -- fetched the second highest amount at the auction, going for $26,750. Two versions of the pink teddy bear went for north of $20,000 each, while Tuco's (Raymond Cruz) grill, which was encased in plastic for Hank's (Dean Norris) viewing pleasure, fetched $20,250.

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Plenty of Jesse (Aaron Paul) items were also up for grabs, including his Hello Kitty phone from the final episodes ($4,600) and his superlab hazmat suit ($3,100). On the finale front, Walt's red key fob went for $8,400.

Check out all of the items here.