'Breaking Bad' vs. the Emmys: TV Fans Tweet What They Watched

Breaking Bad Vs. Emmys Split - H 2013
AMC; Getty Images

Breaking Bad Vs. Emmys Split - H 2013

TV fans had a tough decision to make Sunday night at 9 p.m.: keep watching the Emmys or switch over to Breaking Bad, the second-to-last episode of which was airing at the same time.

The dilemma was a hot topic of conversation on Twitter, with Breaking Bad fans suggesting the Emmys' viewership would plunge as people switched to AMC to see what would happen to Walter White and Co.

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Indeed, many stars and TV critics chose to switch to the acclaimed drama, and catch up on the Emmy moments they missed later, announcing their intentions on social media.

Breaking Bad fans, what did you do: Did you watch Sunday night's episode and skip part of the Emmys or did you watch the awards show? Let us know in the comments.

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